Emergency Appointments

All applicants requesting an emergency appointment must fill out an electronic visa application form, then pay and schedule a regular appointment through USTRAVELDOCS.com, then request an earlier emergency appointment also via USTRAVELDOCS.com.

All applications for an emergency appointment will be reviewed on the business day they are received and the applicant will be informed whether they have been given an emergency appointment. The Embassy’s guidelines are very specific regarding what constitutes an emergency. These reasons are:

  • Illness or death of an immediate family member (immediate family members are the applicant’s mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife, son, and/or daughter)
  • Emergency medical treatment which includes any persons needing to travel for support (such as a parent caring for an ill child)
  • Emergency business travel. Note that business travelers whose companies are members of the American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic can contact the AmCham Visa Program liaison, at (420) 222 329 430 or www.amcham.cz for special visa appointments.

If you are granted an emergency appointment under these guidelines, USTRAVELDOCS.com will contact you with information about scheduling your emergency appointment.  Please visit USTRAVELDOCS.com for more information.

Please remember that it is not possible to receive your visa on the day of your interview.