US Embassy organizes discussion on Future of Gene Therapy

On September 3, Ambassador Steven B. King hosted a seminar on the future of gene therapy in the Czech Republic with key Czech specialists and stakeholders. Panel discussion speakers included – in person as well as remotely – Deputy Minister of Health Filip Vrubel; Marek Trněný of Faculty of Medicine, Charles University;  Milan Macek, Chairman of the Society of Medical Genetics and Genomics of the Czech Medical Association; David Šmehlík, Deputy Director of VZP ČR for Health Care; Kateřina Podrazilová, Chairwoman of the Medication Commission of the Association of Health Insurance Companies;  Lenka Teska Arnoštová, Chairwoman of the Society of Medical Law of the Czech Medical Association; Věra Adámková, Member of Parliament and Chairwoman of Healthcare Committee; and David Kasal, Member of Parliament and Healthcare Committee member.

„Gene therapy has the potential to be a true game changer in the fight against many deadly diseases and truly the first step towards a world of more effective personalized medicine,“ said Ambassador King.