The U.S. Airmen Share Experiences in Military Fire and Rescue Domain

Czech Ladder Truck

The Office of Defense Cooperation and the Czech Logistics Agency held in June an exchange to open cooperation within the Military Fire and Rescue domain. The three day exchange was held at Kbely Air Base but also included a trip to Pardubice to observe the “show me what you can” military fire fighter competition.

The Airmen from the State Partners of Nebraska’s 155th Aerial Refueling Wing shared the US Air Force tactics, techniques, and procedures for how to manage and fight both aircraft and structural fires. Topics of discussion included Incident Command procedures, civilian interaction, equipment and vehicles used as well training and how to maintain proficiency with fire crews.

A great exchange that has opened the doors to sharing ways to save lives in the Czech Republic and the United States.

Fire Trucks at Kbely
Fire Trucks at Kbely