U.S. Embassy Prague Announces 3nd Annual Women’s Empowerment Grant

Prague, March 8 – On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the U.S. Embassy is proud to announce our third grant competition focusing on advancing women’s progress toward becoming full and equal participants in society.

This year we are commemorating a very special occasion — the Centennial of the founding of Czechoslovakia and the beginning of U.S.-Czech diplomatic relations. Embassy Prague has dedicated the month of March to gender equality, and will be highlighting our cooperation in this area. The Women’s Empowerment Grant Round is part of this effort.

The Embassy is soliciting proposals with outstanding merit that aim to promote gender equality, remove barriers to leadership opportunities and combat stereotypes, including by engaging men in these efforts.

Preference will be given to individuals and institutions with a proven track record of executing superior programs. Applicants may request funds ranging from $10,000 to $25,000.

The U.S. Embassy in Prague will consider grants with the following themes:

  • Supporting women’s political participation at the local, regional and national levels, including through leadership and training initiatives, as well as mentoring programs and other initiatives;
  • Promoting women’s economic participation, including by fostering entrepreneurship, increasing access to capital and markets, and removing barriers to leadership roles in business and economics;
  • Combating stereotypes that impede women’s advancement in the public, non-profit and economic spheres, including through the use of information campaigns or through cultural initiatives;
  • Preventing gender-based violence.

Details about the grant competition can be found here. The deadline for applications is April 5, 2018.