U.S. Embassy Celebrates Prague Pride Festival with Other Embassies

The U.S. Embassy in Prague celebrates this year’s Prague Pride Festival along with other Prague-based embassies of nations that share our human rights values.  By participating in and supporting this festival, which is taking place August 3-9 throughout the city, we show our united support for human rights irrespective of sexual orientation or gender identity.

Declaration by 23 Ambassadors in Prague on the Occasion of Prague Pride

We, Heads of Diplomatic Missions in Prague, join together even in these difficult times to express our support for the human rights and fundamental freedoms of LGBTI+ individuals, and to point out the concern of our governments about tendencies to politicize these issues.  Human rights are universal and should apply equally to all people.

Inclusivity and diversity make our communities more peaceful and prosperous, whereas employing rancor for political gain has tangible social costs.  Sexual orientation and gender identity are the lived experience of each individual – they are not a political ideology.  Protecting individual freedoms does not threaten democratic nations.  On the contrary, the highest purpose of every democracy is to guarantee individual freedoms to its citizens.

Though social distancing prevents many of us from marching together this year, we are proud to represent #DiplomatsforEquality, to demonstrate unity and solidarity among the Prague diplomatic community for the human rights of LGBTI+ persons everywhere.

The celebration of diversity is an important way to promote respect for human rights.  We support the work of those who promote equal treatment for all LGBTI+ people, and who contribute to the creation of a more just and inclusive society.