U.S. Diplomats Participate in Liberation Commemorations

The U.S. Army Europe Dixieland band “Rhine River Ramblers” plays in Pilsen’s main square. (photo U.S. Embassy Prague)

On Saturday, May 2nd, Deputy Chief of Mission Steve Kashkett opened the concert of the U.S. Army Europe Dixieland band “Rhine River Ramblers,” held in Pilsen’s main square as part of the annual Liberation Festival. The Festival, marking the U.S. Army’s liberation of Pilsen and the surrounding villages from Nazi occupation, is attended annually by American and Allied veterans and crowds of city residents.

“Some of these songs would have been familiar to ‎the very soldiers who were liberating this city,” said Kashkett who added that Dixieland is a traditional American music form which had its roots in New Orleans before spreading across the country.

American diplomats are honored to participate in liberation commemorations like this one, held in many municipalities in west and south Bohemia.

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