Taste of America: U.S. Beef Dishes Are More than Juicy Ribeyes and T-bone Steaks!

U.S. beef dishes are more than juicy ribeyes and T-bone steaks (but don’t get us wrong, those are delicious). The U.S. Embassy’s Foreign Agricultural Service and Bidfood Czech Republic held a workshop to familiarize Czech culinary professionals with less traditional and great value-for-money cuts of U.S. beef. Ribs, brisket, and chuck flap all have delicious, juicy flavors and are easily comparable to classic steaks.

There are also countless ways to prepare these cuts. Marek Svoboda, Bidfood’s Gastrostudio chef and USA Beef Ambassador to the Czech Republic, shared some of his cooking tips with workshop participants, including chefs/owners of 24 restaurants and hotels from various regions of the country.