Travel Information Update



Are you accepting visa applications? When will you start accepting them?

Our routine visa processes are currently suspended globally. We do not have an estimated date of the end of this suspension. If you have an emergency and need to depart the United States in the next week or two, you can submit a request for an emergency visa appointment at

I had a visa appointment and it was cancelled. When can I have a visa interview? Can I get my visa fee back?

Our routine visa processes are currently suspended globally. We are conducting interviews. If your interview was cancelled, you will be re-scheduled and informed about it as soon as we restart our routine visa processing. If your new visa interview date does not suit you, you will have the option to request an earlier appointment. We are not offering visa fee refunds, but you may use your visa fee at any time within one year of your payment.

I have a valid visa or ESTA approval. Can I travel to the States?

You cannot enter the United States if you have been to the Schengen area at any time within 14 days preceding your entry to the States. This is the result of Presidential Proclamation issued on March 11, 2020. Certain individuals are exempt from the Proclamation, such as some family members of U.S. citizens. See the language of the Proclamation and the list of exemptions here.

I have an approved DS-2019 form and need a J-1 visa for summer work travel or participation another exchange program. I have an approved I-20 form and need an F-1/M-1 student visa. Will I be able to make it? When can I have my interview?

We are not currently scheduling visa interviews due to the global suspension of visa processing. On June 22, 2020, the President issued Presidential Proclamation 10052 (P.P. 10052) titled “Suspension of Entry of Aliens Who Present A Risk to the U.S. Labor Market Following the Coronavirus Outbreak.”  This P.P. effectively suspends issuance of certain H-1B, H-2B, J-1 (for certain categories within the Exchange Visitor Program), and L Nonimmigrant visas (NIVs) through December 31, 2020, unless continued by the President. No valid visas will be revoked under the proclamation.  If you believe you are not subject to the Presidential Proclamation, and have an emergency situation, please send an email explaining your circumstances to  Even though F-1 student visas are not specifically excluded under the latest Presidential Proclamation, we are still unable to interview and issue F-1 visas due to the global suspension on visa processing.

I am an American citizen and I want to visit Prague. When will the Czech Republic start letting Americans in?

Currently, American citizens cannot travel to the Czech Republic for tourism or business purposes unless they are immediate family members of Czech citizens or EU citizens residing in the Czech Republic. The Czech Ministry of the Interior is the Czech agency that administers admission of foreign citizens into the Czech Republic. The Ministry of the Interior’s COVID-19 website provides detailed information on who can enter the Czech Republic currently. Particularly useful are PDF charts on that website that list specific conditions for entry and that are updated very frequently. The Ministry of the Interior also provides answers via email at U.S. Embassy Prague cannot provide clarifications or interpretation of the Czech government’s rules, so please contact the Czech Ministry of the Interior for advice or evaluation of your particular circumstances.