The Future of Modern Therapeutics: How to Ensure Availability for Patients?

On June 21, U.S. Embassy U.S. Commercial Service in cooperation with the Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry (AIFP) hosted an expert discussion entitled “The future of modern therapeutics: how to ensure availability for patients?”.

IQVIA discussed the results of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries’ (EFPIA) latest Patients W.A.I.T. Indicator report. The report details availability of innovative medicines and the time to patient access in 38 European countries. The availability of the modern therapies for Czech patients improved significantly since 2017 ranking the Czech Republic 11th place among the countries covered. “11th position in the ranking is a very good outcome but it is important to mention that it is one indicative result as it only compares a number of new medicines entering the system but it does not reflect on their indication and prescription limitations which may be different from one country to another,” said David Kolar, AIFP Executive Director.

The discussion of experts, representatives of the Ministry of Health, health insurance companies, regulatory authorities, patients, and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry focused on what can be the next steps for the future improvements.