The U.S. Embassy Prague Joins “Short Trousers For Vaclav Havel”

The U.S. Embassy Prague joins the “Short Trousers For Václav Havel” initiative to honor his legacy on December 18, 2015. “Short Trousers For Václav Havel” initiative marks the anniversary of the death of Václav Havel (December 18, 2011), the country’s first post-communist president, by rolling their pants up to remember Václav Havel’s first inauguration to the presidency in December 1989, when ...
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Statement by the U.S. Embassy on the 26th Anniversary of the Velvet Revolution

Prague, November 17, 2015 Today, we remember the men and women who rose up 26 years ago peacefully to demand their freedom during the Velvet Revolution. United by their common desire for liberty, they joined thousands across Central and Eastern Europe who yearned for a better life for themselves and for their children. The American ...
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