Small Grants Program

Through the Public Affairs Section (PAS) Small Grants Program, the U.S. Embassy in Prague funds projects that reinforce and strengthen the shared values between the Czech and American people as well as promote the understanding and appreciation of American culture and policies. The U.S. Embassy in Prague invites eligible institutions, organizations and individuals to submit project proposals for funding from $5,000 up to $24,000 between November 4, 2021 and May 6, 2022. We are seeking projects with outstanding merit that support the U.S. Government’s broad goals of fostering mutual cooperation between the United States and the Czech Republic as well as the Embassy’s Priority Program Areas.

Priority Program Areas:

  1. US.-CZECH BILATERAL RELATIONSHIP:  Programs that seek to explain U.S. policies, culture and values to Czech audiences, resulting in a positive impact on the bilateral relationship.
  2. ECONOMIC PROSPERITY, TRADE AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Programs that promote and support entrepreneurship, innovation, and/or bilateral trade between the U.S and the Czech Republic.
  3.  ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AND STEM EDUCATION: Programs related to climate change, environmental protection, scientific cooperation and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education, including programs that promote critical thinking skills.
  4.  HUMAN RIGHTS, DEMOCRATIC VALUES AND CIVIL SOCIETY:  Programs that promote human rights, support marginalized groups, encourage gender equality and empowerment of women, and that foster a culture of integration. Programs that strengthen democratic values of transparency, government accountability, anti-corruption and the rule of law. Programs that encourage strong civic engagement and democratic participation by all sectors of society and that support the development of a thriving civil-society and non-governmental sector.
  5.  INDEPENDENT MEDIA AND COMBATTING DISINFORMATION: Programs that strengthen an independent media, investigative journalism or media literacy among the public, such as programs that counter disinformation or train audiences to recognize disinformation or misinformation online and in news.
  6.  REGIONAL SECURITY, CYBER SECURITY AND/OR ENERGY SECURITY: Programs that promote energy security, cyber security, and/or our NATO security alliance.

Projects should specifically target Czech audiences living within the Czech Republic. All programs must:

  • include an American cultural element, OR
  • involve a connection with American expert/s, organization/s, or institution/s in a specific field, OR
  • promote increased understanding of U.S. policy and perspectives.

U.S. Embassy Prague PAS Annual Program Statement

The U.S. Embassy in Prague publishes its Annual Program Statement Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) on and this website for eligible individuals and organizations to submit a grant application to carry out projects that support Embassy Priority Program Areas.→ see Notice of Funding Opportunity 

To apply for a grant, follow the guidelines in the Annual Program Statement Notice of Funding Opportunity.

The Embassy grants review committee will evaluate submitted applications monthly, pending availability of funds. If your proposal is selected for further review, you will be contacted to submit the mandatory forms (see below).

Mandatory forms
  1. Grant Request Form
  2. SF-424 Application (or SF-424I, if an individual)
  3. SF-424A (Budget Information)
  4. SF424B (Assurances for Non-Construction programs)

All applications must be submitted electronically to any time between November 4, 2021 and the deadline of May 6, 2022 (midnight, local time in Prague).

If you have any questions about the grant application process, please contact us at

Note: We do not provide any pre-consultation for application related questions that are addressed in the NOFO. Once an application has been submitted, State Department officials and staff — both in the Department and at embassies overseas — may not discuss this competition with applicants until the entire proposal review process is completed.

  • Business & Professional Women of the Czech Republic, z.s – Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE)
  • IOM Prague – Summer School on Migration 2021
  • Czech IVLP Alumni Club, z.s. – IVLP Cybersecurity and Disinformation Talks
  • Oziveni, z.s. – Czech Regions’ Upgrade
  • Junior Achievement Czech, o.p.s. – JA Media Cup
  • Kamila Smutná – Academy for Small Businesses
  • Forum 2000 Foundation – NGO Market 2021
  • Prague Security Studies Institute, z.s. – Economic Security in the 21st Century: Strengthening Czech-U.S. Free Market Values
  • Zachraň jídlo, z.s. – Donating Ready Meals
  • Mladiinfo ČR, z.s. – English for All
  • Cats2cats, z.s. – Empowering Women in Agri-Food
  • Via Foundation Nadace Via – The Art of Giving: Encouragement of Philanthropy in Czech Society Through Inspiration from the USA
  • Wikimedia Czech Republic, z.s. – Wikipedia Development to Grow Diverse Community
  • Transparency International Czech Republic, o.p.s. – Transparency for Your Ears
  • Martin Nekola – Personalities of Czech America
  • Štěpán Suchochleb – 25th Edition of Blues Alive Festival Commemorating 80th Birthday of Bob Dylan
  • Novinářský inkubátor, z.s. – Media Literacy Enhancement for Elderly People
  • Foundation for Education and Entrepreneurship – Compete and Make Business
  • Center of Political Studies – Czech Model of the U.S. Congress
  • PANT, z.s. – Importance of Democracy and Human Rights in Context
  • Slovo 21, z.s. – Go Ahead 2021 (Dža Dureder 2021)
  • Prague Security Studies Institute, z.s. – PSSI’s NATO Summer School
  • The Bakala Foundation – Achilles Data
  • Czech Center for Investigative Journalism – – Regional Audiences and Audiovisual Content
  • EKOFEST, z.s. – Noir Film Festival 2021, 9th Edition
  • Institut dokumentárního filmu – 25th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival 2021
  • People in Need, o.p.s. – One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 2021
  • Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences – Dissent in Transatlantic Perspective
  • ARA ART, z.s. – Make ROMA LGBT More Visible in the Czech Republic
  • Prague Shakespeare Company, z.u. – American Theatre Masters
  • Transparency International Czech Republic, o.p.s. – Education of Whistleblowers Protection
  • TUKE.TV, z.s. – Breaking Barriers
  • z.s. – US experience for Czech museum
  • Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava – STEVEN HOLL: Making Architecture
  • Prague Pride – Solid Roots for LQBTIQ Rights in Czechia
  • Ustav nezavisle zurnalistiky, z.ú. – Media Literacy by Escape Games
  • Prague Security Studies Institute – 2021 Cyber Security Academy
  • European Values Center for Security Policy – Capacity and competence building program for parliamentary staffers of members of the
  • Parliament of the Czech Republic
  • Běhal Fejér Institute, z.s. – UP CLOSE: Systemic Inequality
  • Forum 2000 Foundation – Forum2000 Online Chats
  • MELTINGPOT z.s. – Meltingpot – Virtual Forum
  • Jsme #HolkyzMarketingu z.s. – Female Acelerator
  • Opona, z.s. – Maker Faire Prague 2021
  • POST Bellum, Memory of Nations – Memory of Nations Institute – American Dimension
  • Středisko ekologické výchovy SEVER Horní Maršov, o. p. s. – U.S. Lesson on Mainstream Place-based Learning
  • Centrum Mana, z. s. – Staging of M.A.S.H
  • Fakescape z.s. – Media Literacy via Game
  • Institute of Czech Puppetry – International Festival of Animated Films ANIFILM 2021
  • #HolkyzMarketingu z.s. — Academy #GirlsinMarketing
  • American Spring — American Spring Festival
  • Association for CSR — Earth Day 2020
  • Association for International Affairs — Strengthening the voice of women in Czech foreign policy
  • Association for International Affairs — Prague Student Summit (PSS)
  • Association of Czech Film Clubs — 46th Summer Film School Uherské Hradiště (SFS) – US Film Program
  • Center of Political Studies — The Czech Model of U.S. Congress 2020
  • Czech Centre for Human Rights and Democracy — Strengthening Human Rights and Democracy in the Czech Republic
  • Czech Women´s Lobby — Invisible Power
  • Dekomunizace, o.s. — Czech – U.S. modern music scene relations and Tribute to Ivan Kral
  • DOC.DREAM — Association for the Support of Documentary Cinema — 24th Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival 2020
  • Education and Entrepreneurship — Endowment Fund Compete and Do Business
  • Educational and Cultural Centre Broumov — 7th Broumov Discussions
  • Forum 2000  —21st NGO Market
  • Forum 2000 — 24th Forum 2000 Conference
  • Fórum 50 %, o.p.s. — Women, Act Locally! Women’s Role in Local Life
  • Fotograf 07 — Fotograf Festival #10 – Uneven Ground – Shelly Silver and contemporary American documentary – exhibitions and workshop
  • Frank Bold Society — “Civic Lobbyist’s Encyclopaedia”- educational video clips for the general public
  • Glopolis — Informed and Inspiring Communication to Root Czech Advocacy CSOs
  • Gymnázium/Grammar School Šlapanice — Minorities Appeal
  • Institute of Active Citizenship — Impact Academy
  • Institute of International Relations Prague — The 12th International Symposium “The Czech Foreign Policy”: Building Sustainable Connections
  • Institute of Political Marketing — Academy of professional development: Creating women leaders of the future
  • IOM International Organization for Migration — Prague Summer School on Migration Studies 2020
  • J. William Fulbright Commission in the CR — Fulbright-Masaryk Program for NGO Leaders
  • JIC — Bridge Brno – Austin
  • Konsent — Let´s Talk Consent
  • Loono — Confronting COVID-19 head on! Empowering people and institutions with verified guidance and e-learning to beat the pandemic.
  • Meltingpot — Meltingpot
  • MELTINGPOT z. s. — Meltingpot Ideas Without Borders I Online
  • Nerudny — Young Tune Jazz
  • Nová škola, o. p. s. — Through the Eyes of Roma Children 2020
  • Palacký University Olomouc — Academia Film Olomouc 2020
  • Pant, z.s. — On China in context…
  • People in Need — Looking for a journalist
  • People in Need — One Word Human Rights Film Festival
  • Post Bellum, o.p.s. — Roll Out the Barrels
  • Post Bellum, o.p.s. — No Night So Dark
  • Prague Pride, z.s.  — Prague Pride 2020
  • Prague Writers´ Festival Foundation — Prague Writers´Festival 2020 “We are condemned to hope”
  • Pro bono alliance — Where have we (not) moved – discrimination against women in the working environment
  • Science and Technology Center Ostrava — Supporting Critical Thinking Through STEM and Space Science
  • Slovo 21 — Manushe
  • Spiralis — Market of Philanthropy
  • Střední uměleckoprůmyslová škola Uherské Hradiště — Touch the History through Art
  • Tereza Brian — A. Campbell – NASA scientist in the Czech Republic
  • TEREZA, vzdělávací centrum, z.ú. — Visual literacy for the classrooms
  • Town Loket — Military Day 2020 to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Loket and Western Czechs and at the end of World War II
  • Transitions — Prague Media Point
  • Transitions — Building trust in quality journalism and responsible information processing through media education for senior citizens
  • Život v 21. století — Entrepreneurship for Young Women
  • Agora – Student Agora: Workshops to improve critical thinking skills
  • Alexandra Saulenas – Student media literacy trip to Prague
  • American Spring Festival – American Spring 2019
  • Andrew Ringler – My-emoji
  • ARCHITECTURA, z.s. – Experimental Architecture Biennial #4
  • Artprometheus – How much does freedom cost?
  • Association for International Affairs (AMO) – 70 years of the Alliance and 20 years of Czech membership in NATO as an opportunity for strengthening the voice and awareness of the young generation
  • Association for International Affairs (AMO) – Prague Student Summit
  • Association of Czech Film Clubs – 45th Summer Film School in Uherské Hradiště
  • Better senior Foundation trust – Critical Thinking – Media Cautiousness II
  • Bohemia JazzFest o.p.s. – Bohemia Jazz Fest 2019
  • Center of Political Studies – Czech Model of United States Congress 2019
  • Český klub absolventů IVLP – Alumni Workshops
  • Český rozhlas – Europe without the Iron Curtain 30 years of freedom
  • Charles University – Fostering transatlantic epistemic linkages in critical areas
  • Corey Speck – Speaker – NATO anniversary
  • Czech IVLP Alumni Club – Propaganda and Its Tools in Ex-Soviet Bloc. How to Fight it?
  • Daniel Anýž – American Studies Symposium “The Changing Role of the Media in American Life and Culture”
  • DOC.DREAM – Association for the Support of Documentary Cinema – 23rd Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival 2019
  • DOX – Ordinary Heroism: Educational program using American methodology
  • Empower Peace – Women2Women Program
  • European Network for Clinical Legal Education – Developing capacities for lawyers’ ethics
  • Forum 2000 – Forum 2000 Conference
  • Forum 2000 Foundation – 20th NGO Market
  • Foundation for Education and Entrepreneurship – Soutěž a Podnikej
  • Foundation of Prerov Jazz Festival – 36th Czechoslovak Jazz Festival
  • Frank Bold Society – Open Civic Lobbying Workshops for Upholding the Rule of Law & Transparent State
  • Fulbright Commission – Gaudeamus Fair in Brno
  • IOM International Organization for Migration – Summer School on Migration Studies 2019
  • J. William Fulbright Commission – Fulbright-Masaryk Program for NGO Leaders
  • Jan Schurger – USNATO Rapid Trident 2019 Media Tour
  • Junák – Czech Scouting – Objective journalism at WSJ 2019
  • Kimberly Muth – Glass Days – Železný Brod
  • Maker Faire Prague – Empowering Czech women in STEM
  • Martin Nekola – Velvet Revolution University Lectures
  • Masaryk University, Faculty of Social Studies – Energy Security Summer School
  • MELTINGPOT – Meltingpot 2019
  •  Moravská zemská knihovna v Brně  –  InfoUSA – Používej MoZeK
  • Nerudny – Freedom Festival 2019
  • Oksana Marafioti – Promotion of Diversity and Empowerment for Roma
  • Opona, o.p.s  – MOON 50
  • Palacký University Olomouc – Academia Film Olomouc 2019
  • Patrik Kaizr – USNATO Rapid Trident 2019 Media Tour
  • People in Need – Media Literacy Project
  • People in Need – One World International Human Rights Festival
  • People in Need – Stories of Injustice
  •  Platforma Týdne inovací, z.s. – Innovations for the Czech Republic
  • Prague Pride – Prague Pride 2019
  • Prague Security Studies Institute – Cyber Security Academy 2019
  • Prague Writers´ Festival Foundation – Prague Writers´ Festival 2019
  • proFem – center for victims of domestic and sexual violence – Break the Silence II
  • ROMEA o. p. s – Training Romani moderators and journalists for internships in the mainstream Czech media
  • Scott Jasper – Scott Jasper Lecture
  • Slovo 21, z. s. – Baruv Fellowship Project
  • Spiralis – Connected Czechia
  • TEREZA, Education Center – GLOBE Games 2019
  • TEREZA, educational center – Solution Journalism for Young Reporters
  • The Institute of Independent Journalism – Media Literacy through High School Newspapers
  • TJ Junior Roma Děčín – TJ Junior Roma Děčín soccer club –  children´s junior team
  • Transitions – Debunking Disinformation: Training the next generation of media literacy instructors, Year III
  • U.S. Ambassador’s Youth Council – A guided exhibition at the American Center: Republic, If You Can Keep It
  • University of Ostrava – 30 Years of Freedom and Democracy – A Commemoration & Critical Reflection for the Future
  • University of West Bohemia in Pilsen – U.S. Point at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen
  • Vaclav Havel Library – “Getting the Message Across”
  • Vaclav Sochor – ENAM Conference
  • Wikimedia Czech Republic – Let’s develop Wikipedia in Czech Republic
  • University of Economics – Venture Summit 2018
  • Junior Achievement – Student Company of the Year Fair
  • Za lepší život v Praze – Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • James Gabbe – Speaker Program
  • Transitions – Debunking Disinformation at Third Age Universities
  • Prague Security Studies Institute – Cyber Security Academy 2018
  • Inna Kurochkina – The Semantic War
  • KHER – Romani language and literature as a key to mutual understanding
  • Martin Gilian – Rep Your Crew 2019
  • Glopolis – Strengthening Civil Society in Face of New Challenges
  • Divadlo v Řeznické – Mark St. Germain: Relativity – performance
  • Institute of International Relations – 10th International Symposium – Czech Foreign policy: rethinking the future
  • Junák – Czech scout, Scout Institute – Women in Business
  • Nadace Open Society Fund Praha – Advocacy Forum
  • Post Bellum – Our Neighbors’ Stories
  • Pro bono aliance – Women in Law
  • Transparency International – IMMUNE – Improving Media literacy by Understanding of Mechanisms and strategies of News feeds
  • Sázíme stromy – Alley of 100 Years of U.S.-Czech Relations 1918-2018
  • ARPOK – Students’ Campaigns
  • Awen Amenca – Engagement of parents from socially excluded localities with local schools
  • Centrum pro lidská práva a demokratizaci – Bulletin of the Czech Centre for Human Rights and Democracy
  • Klub Barvalipen – The Role of the Roma Middle Class in the Contemporary Society
  • Slovo 21 – Dža Dureder – Go Ahead!
  • Frank Bold Society – “Spotlight”: Citizen Participation App (Not Only) for Defending Democracy
  • The Institute of Independent Journalism – The Lobbyists’ Visits
  • Romea – Lety Roma Concentration Camp – Virtual Reality Walkthrough
  • Moravská zemská knihovna v Brně – Media Literacy Month
  • ProFem – Break the Silence
  • PAF – Mind the Gap – 18th PAF Olomouc Film Festival
  • Nerudný – Concert for future
  • In IUSTITIA – Making Hate Crime Visible 2018
  • AMO – Prague Student Summit
  • Mezipatra – 19th Queer Film Festival
  • Young Talents – SIGNAL Festival
  • The Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System – Gido’s Voices! Connecting Creative Czech Youth with Gideon Klein
  • RFE/RL, Inc. – Regional Reporting Fellowship
  • Barry Wood – Lecture on the topic of Silicon Valley
  • Muzeum Malešov – Commemorating U.S.-Czech politician Charles Jonas
  • Doc Dream – spolek – American Czech Dream at IDFF Jihlava
  • Nadace Partnerství – Liberty Trees 2018
  • Nadační fond Festival spisovatelů Praha – 100 events: 1000 ideas – American Authors at PWF
  • CARE, Česká republika – Unknown history of aid provided by the USA to Czechoslovakia
  • Ústav pro česko-americké vztahy, z.u. – American Musicians at American Spring 2018
  • Nerudný American musicians at Youth Tunes Jazz festival (Mladí Ladí Jazz)
  • Meltingpot, z.s. Meltingpot 2018- American speakers at largest international speaker’s forum in the Czech Republic.
  • Člověk v tísni, o.p.s. – American Films and Filmmakers at One World Human Rights Festival
  • EUROPEUM – Czech-U.S. security cooperation in NATO: history and future perspectives
  • Evropské hodnoty – Life in Democracy – 100 years of Czech American Friendship
  • AMO – U.S. – Czech Relations 100 Years After – International Conference
  • Sonya Darrow – Pathways – photo exhibition in Prague, Brno and Protivín
  • Czech Baseball Association – History of baseball in the Czech Republic and its American roots – exhibition
  • Michaela LeDoux – Making Connections: multigenerational vignettes of life in the Czech Republic and the United States
  • Ericka Young – American/Czech Relations
  • Maeve Duffy – American Theatre
  • Czech Baseball Association – Lectures and clinics – Cal Ripken
  • Martin Nekola – Czechs in the USA and the Struggle for Independence and Freedom for Czechoslovakia
  • Forum 2000 Foundation – 19th NGO Market
  • Forum 2000 Foundation – 22nd Annual Forum 2000 Conference
  • Center of Political Studies – Czech Model of American Congress
  • ARA ART – International Roma Day Celebrations
  • Center for Democratic Education – Development and Implementation of 25 Democratic and Human Rights Lectures in Disadvantaged Regions in the Czech Republic
  • Paul Goldsmith – Prague 1968 Photographs of Paul Goldsmith
  • Zdeněk Jurásek – European Route 66 Festival
  • DROM – Romani Centre Roma Online TV – Phase 1
  • Junák – Czech scout, Scout Institute – Media in Changing World 2
  • Charles University – Faculty of Social Sciences – Fostering transnational academic linkages, exchanging perspectives
  • Nová škola, o.p.s. – Throughout the Eyes of Roma Children 2018
  • Tereza Engelová – European Network of American Alumni Association Conference in Italy
  • Society for the renewal of Únětice Culture – 6th Czech Ukulele Festival
  • TEDxKarloyVary – TEDxKarlovyVary Conference
  • Palacký University Oloouc – Academia Film Olomouc
  • TEREZA, Educational Centre – Globe Games 2018
  • International Organization for Migration IOM – Summer School on Migration Studies
  • Frank Bold Society – Register of Contracts as a Tool of Citizen Engagement
  • Michael Royce – Lecture for Czech artists and curators
  • Prague Pride – Prague Pride 2018
  • Institute of Contemporary History, Czech Academy of Science – Genocide of Roma and its Consequences in Czech Contexts
  • Town Cultural Center Náměšť nad Oslavou – Folk Holidays 2018
  • Association of Czech Film Clubs – Summer Film School in Uherské Hradiště
  • Thomas Dine – Pilzen Talks
  • Zachraň jídlo – Let’s glean
  • Meeting Brno – Women’s Day
  • Sdružení pro iLiteraturu – Hidden Gems of American Fiction
  • Post Bellum – Memory of Nation – Exhibition
  • ROMEA – One Hundred Years in the Czech Lands from the Romani Perspective
  • Queer Geography – Queer Geography Stigma
  • Meet Factory – Artists in Residence 2018
  • Charles University, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics – Role Models in Physics
  • Forum 50% – Women Can Do It
  • Palacký University Olomouc – E-Safety against hoax and fake news at Czech schools
  • Association of Social Responsibility – Giving Tuesday
  • Marie Čtveráčková – Synth Library Prague
  • Economics Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences – Female Researchers Mentoring Program
  • Prague Shakespeare Company – Masaryk in America – performance
  • Construction of the historical assembly line Ford USA – Historical assembly line FORD USA
  • Foundation of Přerov Jazz Festival – 35th Czechoslovak Jazz Festival
  • Terezín Initiative Institute – Let Me Be Myself
  • David Sís – Production of documentary film
  • Hana Ulmanová – American Studies Symposium – Salzburg
  • TEREZA, Educational Centre – Young Reporters Program
  • Nadační fond lpeší senior – Critical Thinking Program for seniors
  • Fulbright Commission – Fulbright Masaryk Scholarship for NGOs, ETAs and Gaudeamus Fair in Brno
  • Stanley Sloan – American Speaker
  • Jessica Litwak – Fear and Love/ Every Soul Deserves a home
  • Divadlo Archa — Fear and Love/ Every Soul Deserves a home
  • Ara Art – International Roma Day
  • Kongres žen – Women’s Congress 2017
  • Spiralis – Empowering Women Social Entrepreneurs as Leaders
  • Česká ženská lobby – One Billion Rising
  • Matt Kwasiborski – Leveraging American Student Expertise to Enhance the Czech Campus
  • Transparency International ČR — EXTRAPOLA©TION
  • Frank Bold Society – Community monitoring of fair elections
  • Arte della Tlampač – Stand=up Comedy performances in Czech Regions
  • Slovo 21 – Manushe
  • Čtvrtá vlna – Čtvrtá vlna
  • Asociace společenské odpovědnosti – Giving Tuesday
  • Romea – trainings and individaul sessions for future Roma journalists
  • J. William Fulbright Commission – Enhancing Mutual understanding
  • Hannah Sachs – Theater for Social Change
  • Fenester – American speakers featuring in a lecture series“ History, Theory and Criticism of Architecture
  • Univerzita Pardubice, Filozofická fakulta – America in Literature and Cinematography
  • Kristyna Basna – Transparency of topu public officials’ salaries
  • Norm-a Galerie – Exhibition letter to the Mayor: Prague
  • Martin Gilian – Rep Your Country 2018
  • Lunchmeat – Lunchmeat festival 2017
  • Transitions – Debunking Disinformation: A training program for Czech Journalism Students
  • Transitions – Debunking Disinformation at Third Age Universities
  • Evropské hodnoty – American Speaker at Homeaffairs Conference
  • Slovo 21 – Baruv Fellow Program
  • Nadace Forum 2000 — 21st Forum 2000 Conference
  • DOC. Dream Services — 21st Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival 2017
  • Univerzita Karlova, Filozoficka Fakulta — Contemporary African-American visual art: James Richmond-Edwards
  • Galerie Nativ — Contemporary African-American visual art: Vanessa German
  • Nadacni fond Festival spisovatelu Praha — 27. International Prague Writer’s Festival
  • Městské kulturní středisko v Náměšti nad Oslavou — Folk Holidays Festival 2017
  • Evropske hodnoty, z.s. — STRATCOM SUMMIT 2017
  • Univerzita Karlova (FSV) —Make Art not War
  • Konsent, z.s. — No to sexism
  • Nadace Michaela Kocaba — Roma Spirit 2016 in the Czech Republic
  • Akademie múzických umění v Praze (FAMU) — Insight into American film industry – FAMUFEST 2017
  • Ostravske centrum nove hudby — To support the participation of 22 artists from the U.S. at Ostrava Days 2017
  • Association for International Affairs (AMO) — Prague Student Summit
  • Mikrobiologický ústav AV ČR — Science for Kids – Yeasts in our Life
  • — Fact-check Kick-Start!
  • Nová škola — Through the Eyes of Roma Children 2017
  • IQ Roma servis — Enhancing proactive Roma communities
  • Prague Security Studies Institute — NATO Summer School
  • CEVRO Institut — The Czech Republic: The Shape We’re In the Area of the National Security
  • Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze xPORT Business Accelerator — Venture Summit
  • Miret — Migration as a part of us
  • Oziveni, o.s. — Corruption-less tour
  • Divadlo v Reznicke — Czech First Opening Night of drama play EXPATRIATE by Bill C. Davis
  • Liam Hallahan — REDPILL: a nice guy’s lament
  • Zachran jidlo — Let’s glean!
  • ARCHITECTURA — Experimental Architecture Biennial #3
  • Ústav pro česko—americké vztahy — American Spring 2017 ( Women in today’s World)
  • Nerudný — Youth Tunes Jazz
  • Institute of Documentary Film — East Doc Platform 2017
  • Univerzita Karlova, FSV — Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Marshall Plan: The Transatlantic Alliance and its Past and Current Challenges
  • Meltingpot — Meltingpot
  • Člověk v tísni — One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 2017
  • Centrum pro studium diplomacie a politiky — Czech Model of United States Congress
  • TEREZA, vzdělávací centrum — GLOBE Games 2017
  • Ústav mezinárodních vztahů — The rise of the radical right in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Prague Pride — Prague Pride 2017 – let’s be fair
  • Prague Fringe s.r.o — 16th Prague Fringe
  • EDUNIKA — Eduspace Brno 2017
  • JAZZFESTBRNO AHEAD — International Jazz Festival JAZZFESTBRNO 2017
  • Asociace Českých filmových klubů — 43. letní filmová škola Uherské Hradiště
  • Spolek Česká a Slovenská asociace amerikanistů — Travel grant for one plenary speaker at the 21st International Colloquium of American Studies
  • InBaze — Love is common for all of us – Intercultural festival RefuFest
  • Mezipatra, z.s. — 18th Queer Film Festival Mezipatra
  • Glopolis — World on a Plate
  • Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci — International Festival of Science Documentary Films Academia Film Olomouc
  • Západočeské univerzity v Plzni, Fakulta designu a umění ladislava Sutnara — Ladislav Sutnar 120 let
  • Pamatník Šoa — Educational program “Heroic Imagination Project”
  • Nadace Open Society Fund Praha — Journalism Award 2016
  • IOM — Summer School on Migration Studies 2017
  • DROM, romské středisko — Discovering USA
  • TJ Junior Roma Děčín — dětský fotbalový klub
  • FEBIOFEST — Prague International Film Festival
  • Czech and Slovak Cultural Center of Minnesota — 2017 Czech tour of “The Accidental Hero”
  • Regents of the University of Minnesota — Project SPICES: Supporting Practices for Increased Inclusion in the Czech Republic Educational System
  • In IUSTITIA — Making hate violence visible
  • reSITE — reSITE 2017: In/visible City
  • Občanské sdružení pro podporu animovaného filmu — International Festival of Animated Films— Anifilm
  • Nadace Partnerství — Cultural Differences (and Similarities) in Fundraising for NGOs (Coaching)
  • David Drevnak — We are Roma: Celebrations of the International Roma Day
  • Asociace pro mezinárodní otázky (AMO) 2016 — U.S. Presidential Debate Simulations
  • Miret — Romano drom 2016
  • Akademie múzických umění v Praze (FAMU) — American Independent Films at FAMU(fest)
  • Masarykova Univerzita — Using Inclusive Practices to Internationalize Higher Education: a joint initiative of Masaryk University and University of Minnesota
  • Konsorcium nevládních organizací pracujících s migranty v ČR — Crafting strong messages for pro-migration discourse
  • Meltingpot — Meltingpot Forum 2016
  • Společnost Jindřicha Chalupeckého — Social Engagement in Czech and American Art – a public program by Pablo Helguera in context of the Jindrich Chalupecky Award 2016
  • Richard Olehla — American Literature Today, social media
  • Ostravské centrum nové hudby — NODO 2016 – New Opera Days Ostrava – participation of Petr Kotík, String Noise (Pauline Kim Harris, Conrad Harris) and Thomas Verchot
  • Jaroslav Mašek – Kidblog 2016 – International Blogging Project
  • Nadace Forum 2000 — 20th Annual Conference Forum 2000
  • Univerzita Palackého, Pedagogická fakulta, Katedra společenských věd — Migration, Immigration, Emigration and Europe – Changes, History, the Present
  • Bluegrassová Asociace ČR– Banjo Jamboree 2016
  • Univerzita Karlova – Summer Seminar on “Nationalism, Religion and Violence in Europe” and a Roundtable on “Past, Present and Future of Global Migration”
  • Česká filharmonie, Galerie Rudolfinum – Taryn Simon
  • Zapomenutí – Neighbours who Disappeared – Lost things from Attic
  • Masarykova Univerzita – Summer School on Energy Security
  • Nová škola . – Through the Eyes of Roma Children
  • Slovo 21 – BY HEART, empowerment of Roma Women
  • Mezipatra – 17th Queer Film Festival Mezipatra
  • reSITE – Urban – architecture Festival: Cities in Migration 2016
  • Fórum 50 % – Empowering Women Leaders across the Ocean
  • FEL ČVUT – US-CZ workshop on start-up culture and innovation in academia
  • Martin Gilian – Undisputed World Bboy Masters 2017
  • Národní divadlo – Beryl Korot, Steve Reich: THREE TALES
  • Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci — Academia Film Olomouc
  • Ústav pro česko-americké vztahy — American Spring
  • TEREZA — Globe Games 2016
  • Prague Fringe — 15th Prague Fringe
  • Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Filozofická fakulta — American Poetry on the Radio
  • Fenester — Amie Siegel
  • Centrum pro studium diplomacie a politiky — Czech Model of the U.S. Congress
  • Asociace pro mezinárodní otázky — Prague Student Summit-Model NATO
  • MeetFactory, o.p.s. — Still Acts
  • Člověk v tísni — One World
  • Asociace českých filmových klubů —42nd  Summer Film School in Uherské Hradiště
  • Muzeum romské kultury — Roma Rising
  • Galerie Nativ – Matika Wilbur — Native Americans today exhibition
  • Občanské sdružení Pro Photo — Exhibition of Photographs Farm Security Administration
  • Organizace pro pomoc uprchlíkům — Fostering informed debates on refugees and migration
  • In IUSTITIA – Hate Violence in the Czech Republic — Monitoring and Analysis
  • Forum 2000 Foundation — NGO Market
  • Public Art — Prague-New York Effects
  • Institut dokumentárního filmu— East Doc Platform 2016
  • Univerzita Tomáše Bati ve Zlíně— Spreading American Language and Culture in the Zlín Region
  • Evropské hodnoty – HOMEAFFAIRS – Internal Security Forum Prague 2016
  • Ústav mezinárodních vztahů — 8th International Symposium “Czech Foreign Policy”
  • Společnost Rožmberk — US-Czech Artisan Blacksmith Exchange
  • IOM Mezinárodní organizace pro migraci — Summer School on Migration Studies 2016
  • Tripitaka — Ghettofest
  • Fotograf 07 – Festival Fotograf #6 – Culture / Nature: Mark Dorf in art residence and exhibition
  • Sdružení pro iLiteraturu — History in American Fiction
  • MeetFactory —  MeetFactory U.S. Call for Artists-in-Residence 2015
  • JAZZFESTBRNO — International jazz festival JAZZFESTBRNO 2016
  • Oživení — Evaluation of the Czech Counties – Elections 2016
  • Romano jasnica — 12th Multicoloured festival
  • Sdružení pro integraci a migraci — Integration Through Work
  • InBáze — RefuFest, intercultural festival
  • Pro bono alliance – Pro Bono Response — Lawyers in Times of Refugee and Other Crises
  • Frank Bold Society — Bridging the gap: strengthening communication between citizens and legislators
  • Naši Politici — Transparent Finance of Regional Councils
  • Jan Syruček- Bo Hai — Film About Vietnamese Community
  • Prague Pride — Prague Pride 2016 – love is actually the same for everyone
  • Spolek na obnovu Únětické kultury — The 4th Czech Ukulele Festival
  • PSSI — Energy Security in Central and Eastern Europe and the Operations of Russian State-Owned Energy Enterprises — International Conference, Prague, June 21—22
  • Prague Fringe — 14th Fringe Festival, Prague, May 22—30
  • Center for Diplomacy & Politics — Czech Model of the United States Congress 2015 — Pilsen, September 5—10
  • Czechitas — Digital Literacy for Women — IT courses for women
  • Prague Pride — Prague Pride 2015
  • Nicholas Davis — A Rare and Lovely Flower — Recital of Czech and American art song, Prague, November 8—14th
  • Czech Space Office — Professor and Former Astronaut Scott Parazinsky – Lecture Series on Extra Vehicular Activities, Space Medicine and Spaceflight, Prague, June 29—July 1
  • TransFusion — The Town Called X — 2-man show
  • Czech Slovak 4 America — 20th International Colloquium
  • TEREZA — GLOBE Games 2015 Festival
  • AMO — Ukraine in U.S. Foreign Policy — Lecture/Roundtable
  • CEDU — School for Democracy — School Councils
  • Ostrava Center New Music — Ostrava Days 2015 — Six American composers at Ostrava Days Institute, August 10—29, and Ostrava Days Festival, August 21—29
  • Jaroslav Fragner Gallery — Experimental Architecture Biennial 2 — Exhibition
  • Jindrich Chalupecky Society — Jindrich Chalupecky Award Contest 2015 — Holly Block, Director of The Bronx Museum of the Arts, Chairman of the Jury of Jindrich Chalupecky Award, Prague, Brno, November 18—22
  • BUBEC Artist in Residence — Exhibitions
  • University of South Bohemia — Migration Summer School — Discussion/ Lecture
  • Namest nad Oslavou — Folk Holiday Festival 2015 — Cajun artists
  • DOC DREAM — 19th Jihlava Documentary Film Festival, October 27-31
  • EKOFEST — Noir Film Festival 2015
  • Forum 2000 — Conference
  • Chateau Liten — Diva Jarmila Novotna — Exhibition at the Czech Museum of Music, June 6—November 2
  • Juristi — Anti-Corruption Laws 4 student 4 legal workshops
  • Art and Theater Institute — Prague Quadrennial — 10-day exhibition
  • The Forgotten Ones — Neighbors Who Disappeared — Research, exhibits
  • Bohemia JazzFest — 10th Bohemia JazzFest — July 9—19
  • Kamera Oko — International Film Festival — Women Behind the Camera — debate with professor Alexis Krasilovsky from Department of Cinema and Television Arts, California State University, Ostrava, September 26—27
  • FAMU FAMUFEST 2015 Exposed! — Student Work Festival
  • Czech Jazz Society — 18th Czech Jazz Workshop 2015 — Classes/ Concerts, August 1—9
  • Renewal of Unetice — 3rd Czech Ukulele Festival, July 24—27
  • Palacky University — Citizenship Summer School Education Teacher Training
  • League of Human Rights I Decide Human Rights Awareness Disabled
  • INI Project Vera Jirousova Award Conference — David Joselit, distinguished professor at the City University of New York, November 6
  • Art in box Hella Hammid: Feminine Art Photography Exhibition/ Lecture
  • Masaryk University — the 10th Brno International Conference of English, American and Canadian Studies, February 5–7, at the Faculty of Arts
  • Institute of Documentary Film — East Doc Platform
  • Association for International Affairs (AMO) — Model NATO
  • ROMEA, o.p.s. — Bringing Romani history and culture into Czech primary schools curricula
  • Platform for Social Housing — Pilot of Rapid Re-Housing Method in Brno
  • MeetFactory — U.S. Call for artists in residence 2015
  • Association of Czech Film Clubs — American Film Programme on Summer Film School 2015
  • Forum 2000 — NGO Market 2015
  • International Dvořák Society — American Spring Festival
  • reSITE — reSITE 2015 Conference The Shared City
  • Bluegrass Association of the Czech Republic — Bluegrass music festival Banjo Jamboree 2015
  • European Values — European Values Summer Academy
  • United States Institute for Theatre Technology (USITT) — Prague Quadrennial 2015 Exhibit
  • Mladí Ladí Jazz — Nerudný
  • Department of Political Science, Faculty of International Relations, University of Economics, Prague — Anti-corruption barometer
  • Palacký University Olomouc — Academia Film Olomouc
  • Tripitaka — Brundibar from Ghetto Theater Performance
  • DOX Praha — ART BRUT LIVE exhibition
  • Spiralis — Network of Civic Iniciatives Against Corruption in Czech Republic
  • People in Need — One World 2015 Festival
  • Sluňákov — Olomouc Ecology Days: The landscape and the human
  • Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University — Allen Ginsberg Memorial Freedom Festival

Signal Festival — Young Talents
Prague Light Festival features the interactive light installation by American artist Jen Lewin, October 16—19, Kampa Park.

The event titled “Different City Experiences in the Czech Republic” aimed to promote sustainable transport and civic participation. These activities included theatre performances, thematic workshops, and gatherings for all age groups during the month of September 2014.

Association for International Affairs (AMO)
AMO organizes public lectures, briefings and a roundtable with American speaker Jeffrey A. Bader on the topic of “China’s Rise and the Implications for the U.S. Foreign Policy”. Mr. Bader will lead public lectures in Prague and Brno, closed roundtable for students and young professionals and a briefing for diplomats and policy makers. The aim is to present key issues of American foreign policy to Czech audience.

Brno Philharmonic Orchestra
The 27th season of the International Music Festival of Contemporary and Experimental Music titled Exposition of New Music 2014 hosted numerous national and foreign composers including American composer Phil Niblock and music sound artist Robert Ostertag.

Forum 2000 Foundation
The 18th annual Forum 2000 conference entitled “Democracy and Its Discontents: A Quarter Century after the Iron Curtain and Tiananmen” on October 12—15, 2014 in Prague.

Oživení organizes a project that aims to promote transparency in local government and provide guidelines, consultancy in implementing transparency measures for municipal officials, and mobilizing citizens at local level.

Jindřich Chalupecký Society
The Jindřich Chalupecký Award and The International Fine Arts Colloquium & Jury Meeting in Prague hosted American curators who helped to select the recipient of this prestigious award.

Asociace pro Iliteraturu
The project will present in-depth overview focusing on the latest American fiction, its stylistic and narrative features, political orientation and other literary traditions. The articles will be summarized in a final study presenting the literary works in a broad context.

The Noir Film Festival 2014 took place at Krivoklat Castle on August 21–24, 2014. It presented numerous films known as film noir, including American films for a wide audience.

Pardubice by You
The project titled “Increasing of Political Culture in Pardubice” aims to engage young people in politics and encourage them to vote. The project will include interviews with young leaders, public opinion polls, election debates, workshops, student essays and online articles. The key target group will be high school students.

Four Days
American curator Vallejo Gantner and American artist Zachary Oberzan will participate in the International Art Festival on October 16—18, 2014 in Prague.

The 4th edition of the annual documentary film festival titled The World on a Plate – AlimenTerre on Oct 6-10, 2014 aimed to present the topic of responsible food consumption (food waste, where our food comes from, how it is made) and the developmental, environmental and social implications of consumption patterns.

A 3-day workshop on the principles of investigative and data-based journalism in November 2014 in Prague. The speakers are experienced journalists from the U.S. NGO ProPublica and the workshops aim to engage journalists as well as bloggers and watchdog organizations to improve the level of Czech investigative reporting, which fills a gap in the current structure of curriculum at major schools of journalism.

Česká středoškolská unie
This project aims to implement a series of seminars that will introduce the methodology of establishing student councils based on US models.

The Queer Film Festival entitled “MEZIPATRA” will take place November 6-14, 2014. The purpose of this project is to present American films focusing on minorities, their culture, history and civil rights. Film screenings will be accompanied by series of lectures on LGBT Culture.

Lean Startup
The project focuses on the development of innovation entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic’s regional cities and will consist of a capacity building roadshow, acceleration program, accompanying networking events and the design of a massive open online course (MOOC).

Transitions will organize an international conference titled 25 Years After: Challenges of Building the Post-Communist Media and Communication Industries on November 20—22, 2014, which will bring together scholars and practitioners to address the transition of the media in the post-communist countries of Europe and Eurasia since 1989.

The National Moravian/Silesian Theatre
A dance concert celebrating the 50th anniversary of performance of Merce Cunningham Dance Company – John Cage and Robert Rauschenberg took place in Prague and Ostrava in September 2014.

Open Pages (Otevřené stránky)
Open Pages organizes ten cultural events connecting literature, music and space and ten debates with professional journalists, commentators, political scientists and other scholars to address current social problems related to the economy, state of democracy and civic society.

Liza Krassner
Ms. Krassner, Chief Administrative Officer for Public Health at University of California, organizes a unique educational initiative on “Autism and the Arts” at the South Bohemian University in České Budějovice. The project will include an educational program about the role of the arts in the wellness of persons with Autism and will be combined with a public screening of a documentary titled Through the Heart of Tango, which shows the journey of people with special needs through dance.

The Bear Group
The Bear Group puts on multiple theatrical performances of two American authors: Santaland Diaries by David Sedaris and Venus in Fury by David Ives at Divadlo Kolowrat in Prague.

PROUD — Platform for Equality, Recognition and Diversity
This project deals with new methodologies and seminars in Czech high schools focusing on awareness and education regarding LGBT issues. The seminars will address social problems and will include analysis, discussion and will encourage critical thinking.

Jihlava Association of Amateur Filmmakers
The 18th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, on October 23—28, 2014. The purpose of this project is to promote inspiring American documentary and experimental films and to inform the public about new American film productions.

VISK – Vzdělávací institut Středočeského kraje & KVIC
This project is a series of workshops for elementary and secondary school teachers of English and will be organized in various regions of the Czech Republic with the goal of promoting and enhancing the use of technology and digital resources in the English language classroom, and overall teacher development.

The festival Past Present Future presented street art and hip-hop culture and included exhibitions, workshop, paintings, discussions, film screenings and a commentary on T-Kid’s exhibit (Julius Robert Cavero from New York).

University of West Bohemia
The Prague Police participated in a week long English language course at the Plzen International Summer Language School.

Green Circle
Green Circle will develop a “Green Widget,” a web-based visual communication tool to disseminate information about the voting of Czech parliamentarians on environmental and environment-related issues since 1994. This widget will be part of the widely utilized website.

Prague Pride
The cultural and human rights festival entitled “Prague Pride 2014” will take place from August 11–17, 2014 in Prague. The festival will consist of a wide range of activities, from theatre performances and concerts to expert and public debates.

Na Zemi
The National Fair Trade Conference will be on October 16, 2014 in Brno. The conference will focus on the topic of municipalities and public offices respecting and endorsing the ethical principles of Fair Trade in order to strengthen good and transparent governance involving various stakeholders.

META will organize a minority integration project titled Volunteers – The Initiators of Integration that will include tutoring and leisure time activities for foreigners and immigrants in the Czech Republic and will be carried out by volunteers.

Open Society
The “Roma Spirit Award” is given to individuals, organizations and other entities that are contributing to the understanding and coexistence of the Roma minority and majority population.

Palacký University in Olomouc
The 21th Summer School of Education for Citizenship and Europeanism will be at the Faculty of Education, Palacký University in Olomouc from August 17–21, 2014.

Ostrava Center for New Music
Ostrava Center for New Music organized the New Opera Days Ostrava June 25–28, 2014. Petr Kotik, Kamala Sankaran, S.E.M. Vocal Ensemble and String Noise (Pauline Kim Harris & Conrad Harris) performed for the public in Ostrava.

Guitar Festival Mikulov
American artist Paul O’Dette participated in the Guitar Festival in Mikulov from June 29–July 5, 2014. Paul O’Dette presented lectures on the Renaissance lute, master classes and also performed for the public in Mikulov.

Charles University – Faculty of Arts
Charles University organized the 15th International Conference of the Utopian Studies Society – Utopia and Nonviolence on July 2–5, 2014 at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University. American speaker Hoda Zaki particiapted in the conference.

Prague Post Endowment Fund
Prague Post Endowment Fund organizes the annual ‘Best Teacher of English Competition,’ which aims to find the best teachers of English in Czech primary and secondary schools and honor them for their outstanding teaching skills.

For_um Initiative
For_um Initiative organizes the Velvet Carnival celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution to address public issues. The carnival will be accompanied by creative workshops, debates and exhibitions. This event is especially special because it demonstrates American support for the progress made by Czech organizations in civil society over the past 25 years.

Center for the Study of Diplomacy and Politics
The Czech Model of the American Congress will educate Czech high school and college students in national and international politics. The program will take place in Plzen September 9–14, 2014.

International Organization for Migration
IOM organizes the Summer School on Migration Studies from August 18–24, 2014 at the University of Southern Bohemia in Ceske Budejovice. Professor Michael Dinwiddie from New York University will present his visions on integration, multicultural society and ethnic diversity.

Masaryk University
The Summer School on Energy Security “Atlantic and Continental Approach to Energy Security” will take place at Masaryk University’s Centre in Telč from August 3–10, 2014.

Ara Art
Ara Art organizes a three-day workshop for members of LGBT community from the Czech Roma ethnic minority in order to set up a more formalized body that will point out special needs and problems of this particular group.

Nova Skola
Nova Skola organizes a country-wide writing and art competition called Romano Suno (Romany Dream).

Nataša Slavíková
Nataša Slavíková will produce a documentary film about American poet Allen Ginsberg and his visit of Prague in 1965 that significantly influenced Czech culture and society.

Kulturarium organizes a music festival entitled ‘Degeneration NEXT 2014’ on September 23, 2014 in Brno. The festival is organized primarily by university students and it will kick off the beginning of the fall semester.

Art Brut
Art Brut presents an art exhibition titled “Exhibition Mental Contours III. Lines of Force” inspired by American Creative Growth Art Center in California, from September–October 2014.

Art Movement
Art Movement presents the exhibition titled “The Art of Tim Burton” at the Stone Bell House gallery in Old Town Square in Prague. The exhibition introduces American filmmaker Tim Burton as an artist showing drawings, paintings, photographs, sketchbooks, moving-image works and sculptural installations.

Jazz Goes to Town
The international jazz festival titled “Jazz Goes to Town 2014” will be in Hradec Kralove on October 13–18, 2014. American jazz guitarist John Scofield will come to the Czech Republic and perform for a wide public.

Academy of Performing Arts in Prague — Film and TV School
The 31st film festival FAMUFEST 2014 – Right and Left will take place November 26–30, 2014. The festival will include screenings of films created by students, master classes with foreign filmmakers, exhibition of photographs and concerts.

Charles University – Faculty of Arts
Charles University organizes the Summer School 2014: Current Issues in Sign Language Linguistics on August 25 – 27, 2014 at the Faculty of Arts in Prague.

Folk Holidays Festival at Náměšt nad Oslavou
American music group Cloud Cult will perfom at the 29th Folk Holidays Festival at Náměšt nad Oslavou. Their concert will take place during festival evening titled “Desire“ on August 1, 2014.

Society for the Renewal of Únětice Culture
The Second Czech Ukulele Festival will take place between July 25—27, 2014. The Festival will start in the center of Prague on the Vltava steamer on July 25, 2014 and will continue in Únětice brewery near Prague the following two days.

The 13th annual jazz festival entitled ‘Jazz Fest Brno,’ started with special events in March and continued through April 30, 2014. The festival provides a unique opportunity for a wide range of listeners to hear top jazz musicians both from the Czech Republic, the United States, and elsewhere.

Bluegrass Association of the Czech Republic
The 42nd Bluegrass Music Festival ‘Banjo Jamboree’ will take place from June 20—21, 2014 in Čáslav. Numerous Bluegrass bands from different countries, including the U.S., will participate.

Association for International Affairs
Association for International Affairs organizes an educational project that teaches Czech high school and university students about security issues and NATO-related topics.

Partnership Foundation
Charles Flink, the President of Greenways Incorporated, travels to the Czech Republic to lead workshops focusing on urban greenways in Brno and Prague from June 16—22, 2014.

Association of Czech Film Clubs
The Association of Czech Film Clubs will host the 40th Summer Film School from July 25—August 2, 2014 in Uherske Hradiste.

Palacký University Olomouc
Palacký University in Olomouc organized the 49th International Festival of Science Documentary Films entitled Academia Film Olomouc, from April 15—20, 2014.

Ostrovy/United Islands
Ostrovy will host the 11th international music festival entitled United Islands from June 19—21, 2014 in Prague. An American band Hazmat Modine from New York will come to the Czech Republic to perform for the public.

Civic Association for Organizing Public Activities
The project titled Dissemination of Community Schools’ Development Approach aims to familiarize the Czech public and professionals about the benefits of Community Schools. An American speaker, Jane Quinn, member of the Board of the National Coalition of Community Schools USA, will come to the Czech Republic to participate in this project and to share best practices.

The reSITE Conference will take place at Forum Karlin in Prague from June 19—20, 2014. It aims to increase cross-cultural dialogue between American, Czech and other European cities focusing on ecological infrastructure, riverfront, public spaces, and sustainable urban projects that improve the quality of life. American expert speakers will come to the Czech Republic to participate in the festival, giving presentations, participating in workshops and panel discussions.

American curator Tina Kukielsk will come to the Czech Republic to share her knowledge of the art scene in the United States and lead discussions with Czech local artists.

Czech Helsinki Committee
The Czech Helsinki Committee will present the Report on Human Rights Conditions in the Czech Republic in 2013 and a comprehensive summary of the Human Rights Assessment Report – Development in the Past Twenty Years in the Czech Republic. The aim of the project is to provide the Czech public, civil society and government, with an impartial analysis of the situation for the year 2013 and the overall analysis of the development in the past 20 years.

Alliance for New Music-Theatre
The Vaclav Havel Project was performed by a group of American artists that came to the Czech Republic to perform during the Prague Fringe Festival held May 27—31, 2014 at Divadlo na Pradle in Prague. American artists also met with Czech local artists and students.

Blues Alive
The Blues Alive music festival will take place in five different Czech cities including Šumperk, Zlín, Mikulov, Mírov and Prague in November 2014. It will present American blues music.

Association for International Affairs
The Association for International Affairs hosted an international conference entitled Prague Transatlantic Talks 2014: Facing the Atlantic Cyber Challenge from May 28—29, 2014 in Prague. The conference addressed issues of cyber security and enhanced the public debate about security and defense. Speakers from various countries attended this conference, including an American speaker Kevin Rothrock.

University of Pardubice
The University of Pardubice will host The Second Annual Conference — The Comenius Academic Club from June 13—15, 2014. The conference will focus on Czech–American cultural, social and academic relations in specific areas such as the humanities and natural sciences.

Czech Evaluation Society
The 2014 Conference on Quality of Evaluations will take place on June 10, 2014 at the Charles University in Prague. The following topics will be addressed at the Conference: contribution analysis, evaluations with a small number of studied cases, outcome mapping, counterfactual impact evaluation, evaluation questions, indicators for evaluation, and evaluation culture.

People in Need — The One World Festival
International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival takes place from March 3—12, 2014 in Prague & March 17— April 13, 2014 in other towns and cities in the Czech Republic.

Rudolfinum Gallery
The Rudolfinum Gallery hosts a photography exhibition of more than 100 photographs called ‘Only the Good Ones: The snapshot Aesthetic Revisited’. The concept for this exhibit was developed while the curator was in New York. Snapshots have been an enormous influence on modern American photography as art. The curator seeks to show how informal snapshots have influenced film, art and advertising in the United States and overseas.

Prague Fringe
The 13th annual Fringe Festival is held in Prague, May 23—31, 2014. This year, the festival presents numerous culturally diverse performances, including American acts in seven theatres across Prague.

Post Bellum
“The Liberation of Western Bohemia by the U.S. Army in 1945” is a collection of stories from veterans, victims of the holocaust, and other important figures and witnesses featured at Post Bellum.

Forum 2000 Foundation — NGO Market
The 15th annual NGO Market held on April 25, 2014, at the National Technical Library in Prague offers a unique opportunity for NGOs to present their activities to the public, liaise with colleagues from Czech and foreign NGOs, share ideas and experiences, establish new partnerships, and recruit volunteers.

Association for Creativity in Education
Association for Creativity in Education is the final program of a project entitled “It matters to us!” aiming to promote civic engagement and encourage young people to participate in discussions with local representatives and the public regarding local issues through art. The program will include creative workshops on hip-hop subculture in the United States, open discussion on active participation of citizens, graffiti workshop,and performance by local artists.

Sladovna Písek
Sladovna Pisek hosts “The Forest 2014” art exhibition, created by two American artists accompanied by educational activities.

International Dvořák Society
The American Spring Festival is celebrated in a number of regions throughout the Czech Republic, from April—July, 2014. Renowned artists, mainly from the United States and the Czech Republic, will perform in Prague and in otherCzech cities.

The Czech Town Hall Press Watch project is an interactive website that enables citizens to monitor the contents of town hall newspapers in the Czech Republic.

Slovo 21
“Mum, dad, I want to go to school” is series of workshops for Roma children and their parents. The workshops will be accompanied by an educational brochure, a video, and research on the decision-making process for Roma parents when enrolling their children into mainstream/practical schools.

CRM for Nonprofits
CRM for Nonprofits hosts an informational campaign highlighting the CRM system (Customer Relationship Management) for implementation in the non-profit sector. The system was developed in the United States and is now available for organizations in the Czech Republic.

A multi-genre street festival in Brno aims to mitigate the tendencies to stereotyping the Roma community and contribute to mutual understanding between the Roma minority and the Czech majority. The event will consist of cultural performances, street markets, and workshops, among other things, all jointly organized by Czech and Roma communities.