Prague Digital Council Conference

Chargé d´affairs Christy Agor hosted a reception on the margins of the inaugural Prague Digital Council Conference organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic together with the Czech Chamber of Commerce of the Czech Republic and Atlantic Council.  The high-level conference was held on the occasion of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU and provided a platform for a meeting and dialogue between key business leaders, Czech, European and U.S. policy-makers, experts and civil society representatives to the European digital agenda and Europe´s digital future. The reception concluded the Prague Digital Council Conference with the speeches from Chargé d´affairs Christy Agor, Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Lipavsky, and Atlantic Council distinguished fellow Frances Burwell.

“I was glad to hear that the conference featured a fruitful exchange of views on transatlantic cooperation in the digital area and beyond. Transatlantic cooperation and resilience have always been highly important; but given the pandemic, Russia’s war against Ukraine, and disruptions to global supply chains, U.S.-EU coordination has become all the more critical,” said Chargé d´affairs Christy Agor.

“Strategic resilience of the European economy is one of the key priorities of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU. Speaking today on the EU´s competitiveness in the global digital economy, we have to keep in mind, that neither United States, nor Europe alone can deter or contain our increasingly assertive adversaries, who seek to undermine the international rules-based order at every turn. Sharing values of human dignity, individual rights, democratic principles, and facing common challenges makes the EU and United States natural partners on numerous fronts, including trade, technology, and digital governance,” said Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Lipavsky.