PlayWisely CEO Presents Unique Early Age Development Method in Prague

On May 19, Deputy Chief of Mission Steve Kashkett opened a seminar which featured PlayWisely’s early age child development system. Patty Hannan, PlayWisely founder and CEO, discussed the science behind the system with an audience of over fifty Czech pediatricians, teachers, patient groups’ representatives, and speech therapists. PlayWisely was introduced to the Czech market in 2006 and is celebrating its ten year anniversary in this market. Currently there are eight PlayWisely centers in the Czech Republic.

PlayWisely is an innovative cognitive developmental play system that includes motor skills development at defined levels for incorporation into class curricula. The company has received U.S. national and international attention for its unique ability to design a program for each child’s developmental potential from birth through age five. The program is based on recognized principles in neuroscience, cognitive science and developmental science and can be taught to all children including those with autism and certain visual and language impairments.