Manhattan Rescuers Memorial Competition Commemorates 9/11

Ambassador Schapiro visits Liberec.

The Manhattan Rescuers Memorial competition held annually in Liberec honors the first responders who lost their lives in the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York in 2001. On Saturday, September 12, forty two-member teams of Czech firefighters, policemen and paramedic rescuers participated in the competition, which included a climb to the top of the building and other skills test.

U.S. Ambassador Andrew Schapiro was on hand to observe the competition and participate in the awards ceremony, where he said: “Your work cannot be underestimated. You save lives; that is your everyday job. For you it may be a routine, for us it is something we admire.”

Ambassador Schapiro also briefly toured the regional capital and visited Jested Mountain where a notable Czech landmark (the TV tower) is situated The architecturally award winning building acts as a lookout tower, transmission tower, hotel and restaurant.