GE Healthcare: Every Image Tells a Story Roadshow

Chargé d´Affaires Jennifer Bachus took part in GE Healthcare’s “Every Image Tells a Story Roadshow” as part of GE’s efforts to raise awareness of timely medical screening via a truck tour across Europe. GE presented its most advance medical imaging innovations, which help with early cancer detection and provide rapid diagnosis.

On July 23 Bachus joined Prime Minister Babis and GE representatives to explore the truck and learn about GE’s new medical devices.  On July 26, Chargé d´Affaires Bachus opened a roundtable discussion titled “Screening Challenges and Women’s Health in the Post-Covid Era” which was a part of the GE Healthcare roadshow in the Czech Republic. “It is important to motivate people to come to preventive medical checks. Little will happen without patient awareness”, said Bachus.