GE Aviation and Czech Technical University Announce Enhanced Cooperation

On February 13, U.S. Ambassador Stephen King delivered remarks at a press conference celebrating the establishment of a new and cutting edge, collaborative agreement between GE Aviation and the Czech Technical University in Prague (ČVUT). The agreement between GE and ČVUT will support the Czech aviation industry and further U.S.-Czech business and educational ties. In addition to new research activities, ČVUT students will benefit from significant internship and training opportunities.

Joining Ambassador King in the press conference was current Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis, the President and Executive Director of GE Europe, Peter Stračár, and the Rector of ČVUT Vojtěch Petráček, along with other distinguished guests.

In his remarks, Ambassador King highlighted how American companies like GE Aviation are here to stay in the Czech Republic, helping to grow both of our economies and further deepen our scientific and educational cooperation.

Ambassador King’s Remarks
Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Ambassador King delivers remarks on the occasion of announcement of enhanced cooperation between GE and Czech Technical University (CVUT), Tuesday, February 13, 2018.

Ambassador King delivers remarks on the occasion of the announcement of enhanced cooperation between GE and Czech Technical University.Dobry den Prime Minister Babis, Rector Petracek, damy a panove (ladies and gentlemen). I am excited to be here today on behalf of the U.S. Government and Embassy to celebrate the establishment of a new, cutting edge, collaborative agreement between CVUT and GE Aviation.

Through this agreement, GE Aviation will provide CVUT with access to high-tech software and training, allowing the Czech Technical University to expand its research and development facilities and train the next generation of aeronautical engineers.

By merging top industry expertise with a cultivating university environment, CVUT and GE Aviation will create a competitive and leading program for the study of aerospace manufacturing technologies.

When businesses and educational institutions collaborate, there is a multiplier effect with positive benefits for the private sector, academia, and the public at large. Working together, businesses and universities can foster innovation, nurture scientific advancements, and hire and train the engineers you/we need for the future.

American businesses like GE Aviation are here to stay in the Czech Republic, to invest, to grow, and to help grow the Czech economy. GE Aviation will invest nearly 9 billion crowns and employ more than 500 people at its new center for development, testing, and manufacturing of turboprop engines. I recently toured this facility – mighty impressive!

We all know that investments in technology, research, and development, are absolutely critical to the growth and success of both of our nations. Increasing opportunities for research and development in science and technology fields is key to ensuring that both of our countries can continue to compete globally and pave the way for even greater economic growth and advancement.

In President Trump’s National Security Strategy, the U.S. government has reiterated that leadership in research, technology, invention, and innovation is a national priority. The United States will continue to nurture a healthy innovation economy that collaborates with allies and partners like the Czech Republic, improves science and technology education, and invests in early-stage research and development. And scientific research is also crucial for ensuring our NATO alliance has the best technology today and tomorrow.

As the Czech nation celebrates its 100 years of nationhood, the United States celebrates 100 years of diplomatic relations with the Czech Republic this year, I believe it is important to highlight the strength and importance of our economic relationship, our history of friendship, and our shared values. We can see the results of our strong economic partnership every day in the continued commitment of U.S. companies to invest in the Czech economy, its universities, and its people.

GE Aviation is an example of the best that America has to offer. Through high value-added research and production, GE is investing in a promising and exciting future for both the Czech Republic and the United States.

I look forward to seeing the technological advancements that this partnership will produce in the coming years. Predict, the next generation will see GE in CR producing the best turboprop engines. Behind that success will be some aeronomical engineer graduates of the Czech Technical University. Thank you.