Game-Changing Quantum Tech: Framing New Opportunities for the Czech Republic

Chargé d´affaires Christy Agor hosted a discussion titled “Game-Changing Quantum Tech: Framing New Opportunities for the Czech Republic” which focused on the latest technological trends in the field of quantum technologies. Key Czech government, academia and industry experts attended the event. Robert Loredo, IBM Quantum technical business development lead, introduced the opportunities that quantum brings for the future as well as IBM capabilities in this segment. Igor Jex, quantum technology expert, presented on the state of quantum research in the Czech Republic. 

Chargé d´affaires Christy Agor said: “I am excited to host you today to talk about Quantum Information Science and Technology – an area that is a top scientific priority for the United States, the European Union, and of course the Czech Republic. The United States recognizes the tremendous economic implications of quantum technologies. Quantum applications could help us supercharge artificial intelligence, devise better clean energy technologies, and have applications across space, finance, health, and many other sectors. However, the United States also recognizes there are profound national security implications to quantum science and technology, and that’s one of the reasons I am so glad that democratic Allies – such as the Czech Republic – are playing a leading role in this field. To discuss the best approach and jumpstart mutual collaboration, we have invited IBM – one of the world’s leading companies in quantum – as well as top local representatives from academia, industry, and government to the residence this evening. I believe with this line-up we can open the next chapter on quantum for the Czech Republic.”