Business Opportunities

On this page you can find solicitations issued by the U.S. Embassy Prague for the acquisition of commodities and/or services.

Our Current Contract Solicitations:

The U.S. Embassy in Prague is seeking a company for New security doors for the Holeckova residence´s apartments (P-5).

Required qualification for potential contractor:

  • Excerpt from the business registry
  • 3-years related work experience in all above mentioned areas;
  • 3 references with contacts on buyers
  • General liability insurance – CZK 1 mil minimum;
  • Zero-liability acknowledgement from the local Tax Office or an affidavit;
  • Work contract will be drawn up under US law for signature by both parties;
  • Successful contractor shall provide proof that all personnel are authorized/licensed/qualified to perform the work.

If you fulfill required qualification and you are interested please let us know and we will arrange a date for site visit at the address above. After the site visit, the latest submission for quote will be July 3rd, 2019 to this e-mail address only: E-mail subject: “PR8305215 – New security doors Holeckova 25“

The U.S. Embassy in Prague (the “Owner’) is seeking proposals from vendors (the ‘Vendor’) to specify, furnish, deliver, and install new office furniture. The works shall also include the de-installation of old furniture and its disposal. All work shall be completed within the Owner’s premises located at Trziste 15, Prague 1.


The Owner identifies the need to refresh existing office furniture in offices (6), lounge areas (2) and kitchenette (1) area.

Office furniture will consist of furniture systems and freestanding furniture (office tables, partitions, office chairs, cabinets, drawers, lighting, paper management accessories)

Lounge areas: sofa, armchairs, tables, cabinets.

Kitchenette: 2-meter long.

In order to submit a quotation for the furniture, each Vendor must attend the site to inspect on the conditions – held at 9 am on Wednesday, August 21, 2019.  Interested Vendors shall arrange details of the site visit by emailing no later than Tuesday, August 20, 2019 by 9 a.m.

Quotations are due no later than Friday, September 6, 2019 at 11:00 am.


The U.S. Embassy in Prague is seeking a company for laying the fiber optics. Prospective contractors shall submit the following documents by August 30, 2019 at latest:

  • Excerpt from the business registry, registered seat in the Czech Republic;
  • 5 years related work experience in all above mentioned areas;
  • 5 references with contacts on buyers;
  • 5-year warranty
  • Liability insurance – CZK 3 mil minimum;
  • Work contract will be drafted under US law for signature by both parties;
  • Completed registration in System for Award Management prior to the contract award should the total amount be higher than $30,000.00.

Requirements: qualified and certified company.

Payment: via invoice, no advance payments approved

Planned site visit: September 4, 2019 at 9 a.m. at Trziste 15, Prague 1

The deadline for proposals: September 16, 2019 (2 pm)

All necessary documentation should be sent to: with subject: “PR8557575  – “New installations of fiber optics “


The U.S. Embassy in Prague is seeking a provider of Language Instruction Services in the Czech Language for group of 1-5 students during the period September 26, 2019 through September 25, 2020 according to the contract provided in the solicitation process. The contract may be extended for two option years based on performance as determined  by the Embassy.

Payments will be based on monthly invoices charged for actual number of sessions.

The sessions will be scheduled in close co-ordination with the U.S. Embassy Prague Post Language Officer for the following office location: Trziste 15, Prague 1, during working hours (Mo-Fr 8:00am – 4:30pm) and one residential location in Mala Sarka, Nebusice.

We currently anticipate 9-10 courses (5-6x beginners and 4x intermediate to advance), each with one or two 60-minute or 90-minute sessions/week. The number may decrease or increase based on demand.

The Contractor shall furnish all labor, material and transportation to perform group and individual Czech language classes for all levels, as requested by the US Embassy Prague.

The Contractor shall provide Czech language instruction to adult students that focuses on professional fields, political and economic fields, cultural lessons, general interest and conversational skills typically found in mass-media publications for the Czech language speaking public.  The Contractor shall develop the instruction to include the development of speaking, listening, and reading skills to permit comprehension of relevant media or face-to-face conversation.   All instructions at the intermediate or advanced level shall also include job relevant language terminology and usage of the designated field of interest.

The Contractor shall provide qualified instructor(s), who are well versed in all topics to be covered, capable of answering in-depth questions on each topic, will provide the required training in a classroom setting, based on the schedule of training modules or lessons and the objectives and goals for that training.

Prospective contractors shall submit their proposal including:

  • Extract from the Business Register;
  • Zero-Tax Liability Affidavit
  • Summary (major points) of language training approach (method);
  • Evidence of 5-year experience in the Czech-language sector;
  • 5 references including a contact person;
  • Tuition Cost per session (a 60 and 90-minute lesson) incl. teaching material & cancellation policy
  • Commitment to submit Police Reports of all lecturers providing the service in case of the award
  • A free-of-charge testing session (held in first 2 weeks in September) is requested
  • Completed registration in System for Award Management prior to the contract award

The proposal submission deadline: September 20, 2019

Contact email:

Subject: „Czech Language Instruction Services“

The U.S. Embassy in Prague is seeking a company to provide International express courier services.

Scope of work:

The purpose of this indefinite quantity contract is to set up an agreement for international express courier services to all worldwide destinations. The contract will be for a one-year period from the date of the contract award, with 2 one-year options.  The total contract period is 3 years.

  • Extract from the Business Register
  • 5-years related work experience in related fields
  • 3 references with the name of a completed project and a contact person;
  • Insurance at least 4,000,000.00 CZK

More details will be provided as an answer to your interest.

The proposal submission deadline: September 14th, 2019
Complete proposals should be sent to:
Subject: “PR8575557: International express courier services“