U.S. Embassy Prague

The U.S. and Czech flag

The U.S. Embassy in Prague works together with the Czech Republic to strengthen our partnership by advancing the key goals of regional stability, economic prosperity, and democratic transition within the Czech Republic and in Central Europe. Through its diplomatic and public activities, the U.S. Embassy seeks to ensure regional stability through our shared commitment to security organizations like NATO and the OSCE.

The Embassy offices are located in the historic Schoenborn Palace in the Mala Strana district of Prague.

Visa Questions

For visa related questions, please write to: consprague@state.gov (please see the Frequently Asked Questions page first).

U.S. Citizens Questions
Culture and Education

For information about the United States and cultural and educational programs, please contact the American Center at acprague@state.gov.


For employment at the U.S. Embassy, please write to HROPrague@state.gov (please see the Job Opportunities page first).

Business Opportunities

For business opportunities, please write to PragueProcurement@state.gov (please see the Business Opportunities page first).