Office of Defense Cooperation

The Office of Defense Cooperation is responsible to the U.S. Ambassador in the Czech Republic and to the U.S. European Command (HQ USEUCOM). Its mission is to promote security assistance, defense cooperation in armaments, and humanitarian assistance initiatives and programs.

In addition, it supports further expansion of economic and scientific cooperation through the pursuit of strategic partnerships, information and scientific exchanges.

The Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC), headed by LTC Matthew D. Apostol, is located at the American Embassy in Prague. The United States Army has personnel assigned to the ODC.

The ODC represents the United States European Command (EUCOM), coordinates security assistance programs and defense cooperation activities with the Czech Armed Forces, supports humanitarian activities on behalf of the United States Government, and provides support on military matters to the U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic.

The ODC assists the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic with bilateral programs to help modernize systems and improve interoperability with NATO.

The ODC also assists U.S. defense firms to establish cooperative activities with the Czech Armed Forces and Defense Industries, and provides guidance to Czech defense firms who wish to do business with the U.S. Department of Defense.

  • Manage Security Assistance and Foreign Military Sales Administration issues between U.S. Department of Defense and Czech Ministry of Defense
  • Administer U.S. Security Assistance Training Programs (SATP)
  • Assist in processing visit request and security clearance verifications for U.S. government personnel
  • Direct and manage the International Military Education and Training (IMET) grant program, as part of the SATP
  • Direct and manage the Foreign Military Financing Program, grants and loans
  • Act as the U.S. Embassy focal point for U.S. Defense Industry
  • Provide publishable defense information about the U.S. Government on:
    • Budgetary cycle/limitations
    • National Decision Making Process
    • National Security Priorities
    • Defense industrial environment
    • National defense procurement process to include offset requirements, political factors and the acquisition process
  • Assist Czech and American industry representatives with Department of Defense/Ministry of Defense contacts and appointment


Army Training focuses on Advanced Courses for professional development of junior to mid-level officers, and NCO development using the Army NCOES system.

Maritime Forces Training focuses on defense management courses, Master’s degree programs at the Naval Postgraduate School, and Military Training Teams (such as Military Justice/Human Rights, Health Resource Management, Acquisition).

Air Force Training focuses on War and Staff College attendance, and the Combined Strategic Intelligence Training Program.

The Czech military continues the implementation of a new force concept and an extensive multi-year reorganization that will lead to smaller but more capable partially professionalized armed forces which are closely modeled on western forces. Compatibility with NATO doctrine, weapons systems, and command and control functions remain at the forefront of the Czech’s continuing reorganization efforts.

The IMET program concentrates on:

  • Civil-military relations, education programs to encourage dialogue among Parliament, Senate, government, and military leaders at the national, as well as regional level.
  • Defense resource management training to help promote open and transparent use of scarce national funds with more effective management of the reduced human, material, and financial resources.
  • Professional military education at all levels to promote professionalism, instill leadership qualities, and provide exposure to democratic ideas within the officer corps and the NCO corps.