Eiikon LLC Presentation on Healthcare Savings

On February 15, 2017, Joey Lawrence, Eiikon LLC CEO, conducted a seminar on identifying and implementing healthcare savings through international direct purchasing. Partner company Regulatory Compliance Associates representative Eric Januszewski complemented the Eiikon presentation with information on regulatory issues and certification in the U.S. market. Commercial Counselor Helen Peterson delivered opening remarks.

Eiikon, LLC, is a member-driven organization for healthcare providers and suppliers across the world that focuses on expense reduction, savings identification, technology and savings implementation through contract pricing and standardization. The company also offers a user-friendly strategic data base system for all industries such as healthcare organizations, consulting firms, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, service organizations, or small businesses. Eiikon has a strategic relationship with Regulatory Compliance Associates. www.eiikonllc.com

Regulatory Compliance Associates (RCA) Inc. provides worldwide services for the resolution of compliance, quality assurance, product development, manufacturing, R&D, technical and regulatory challenges for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) related industries. The company provides its services to life science companies in the areas of medical devices, biotech and pharmaceutical industries including animal health, nutraceuticals and telemedicine/mHealth (mobile Health). RCA has a strategic relationship with Eiikon, LLC. www.rcainc.com