Countering Disinformation Special Grant Competition

The U.S. Embassy in Prague is pleased to announce a special grant competition for projects seeking to counter malign influence and harmful effects of disinformation in the Czech Republic.

Competitive projects will focus on increasing public awareness, strengthening critical thinking skills, expanding digital literacy, media literacy and developing electronic tools and resources to counter disinformation.

Preference will be given to individuals and institutions with a proven track record of executing superior programs. Applicants may request funds ranging from $5,000 to $25,000.

Proposals for this grant competition must be received by April 15, 2018.

The U.S. Embassy in Prague encourages applications from committed and organized civil-society organizations, think tanks, non-governmental organizations, and academic institutions. We seek proposals that aim to reach geographically and demographically diverse audiences within the Czech Republic.

Please note that Embassy grants cannot be used to fund religious organizations or partisan political activity; individual trips abroad (i.e. out of the Czech Republic); trade activities; fundraising campaigns; charitable activities; humanitarian aid; commercial projects; scientific research; projects whose primary aim is the institutional development and operational costs of the organization; health care; or representational expenses (lunch, alcoholic beverages, flowers, etc.). The Embassy also cannot give grants to commercial or for-profit firms.

How to Apply for the Countering Disinformation Special Grant Competition

To apply: Please fill-in this application form and send it electronically as an attachment (in DOC format) to

Proposals will be evaluated after the submission deadline.

The deadline for proposal submissions: April 15, 2018

The proposals should be submitted via email, include a written narrative in English, and follow these guidelines. Each applicant will receive a confirmation email acknowledging receipt within three working days. If applicants do not receive a confirmation email, the proposal was not received. In this event, applicants are invited to contact the Office of Public Affairs. Please do not send printed materials and grant applications by regular mail; the Embassy accepts applications only in an electronic form.

Grant proposals will not be considered until all information is received. Proposals must be in English. Please address questions regarding grant applications to Please title your email, “Countering Disinformation Special Grant Competition.”

Failure to correctly fill out and submit the required information will result in the application being rejected. Failure to submit the application on time shall result in the application being rejected.

Grant Selection Process

A committee comprised of embassy staff will meet to evaluate the proposals. Successful applicants will receive official grant forms and detailed instructions for follow-on administrative procedures.

Committee results will be announced on or before May 15, 2018.

Reporting Requirements

The recipient must submit a Final Report within 90 calendar days of the end of the period of performance delineated in the award. The report must be in English.

Financial records, supporting documents, and all other records pertinent to an award shall be retained for a period of three years from the date of submission of the Final Report.

Failure to comply with the reporting requirements may jeopardize eligibility for future awards or will result in suspension of any future payments under this award until such time as this deficiency has been corrected.

Eligibility Requirements

These requirements apply for organizations whose projects will be selected for funding. Organizations applying for assistance awards must obtain a Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) DUNS number.

Organizations applying for assistance awards must obtain a Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) DUNS number and register in SAM (System for Award Management) prior to being eligible to receive federal assistance funding.

Note: Awards to individuals are exempt from this requirement as are awards issued to foreign organizations for a one-time award (first time grantees) of less than $25,000.

To obtain a DUNS number, go to

SAM registrations is available at

Obtaining a DUNS number is free of charge. Any additional services offered during the registration process are not necessary and the applicant is under no obligation to sign up for them.