DynEd Celebrates 4th Anniversary on Czech Market

Mrs. Milena Krhutova of Brno University of Technology presents the benefits of implementing DynEd at their university.

DynEd, the leader in Computer-Assisted English Language Learning, whose courseware has been successfully used by tens of millions of both young and adult students all over the world, has celebrated its fourth anniversary of operating in the Czech Republic.

On September 23, 2014 at the U.S. Ambassador’s Residence, Mr.  Lance Knowles, President and cofounder of DynEd International, familiarized the guests with some of DynEd´s latest successes worldwide and in the Czech Republic. Mrs. Milena Krhutova and Mr. Pavel Sedlacek of Brno University of Technology presented the benefits of implementing DynEd at their university.

The participants of the event were managers and representatives of Czech TOP 100 companies, schools, universities and state administration.

In the Czech Republic DynEd is represented by EdWay, s.r.o., the exclusive Country Management Partner of DynEd Europe B.V.

EdWay has been serving all types of schools, companies, and individuals throughout the Czech Republic, i.e. all those who realize that excellent communication in English has become an essential prerequisite for success in the job market.