Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman Praises Czech Solidarity With Ukraine

On December 10-11, 2022 Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman visited Prague, where she met with Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Lipavský, advisor to the Prime Minister Tomas Pojar, and held discussions with young Czech foreign policy leaders and civil society activists working to support Ukrainian refugees.

In an interview for Czech Television, Wendy Sherman emphasized that the United States will not abandon its support for Ukraine and praised Czech solidarity: “The Czech Republic clearly understands the importance of democracy, freedom and human rights and understands the reasons why Ukrainians fight so bravely. I’m sure Madeleine Albright would be very proud of you.” In reference to China and Iran, she said Western countries must take a stance to deter any other authoritarians that might want to follow Putin’s example.

Her full interview is available (dubbed into Czech) here.