Cyber Security in a Time of Real Threat

U.S. Embassy U.S. Commercial Service in cooperation with Palo Alto Networks organized a seminar entitled “Cyber security in a time of real threat”. Chargé d´affaires Michael J. Dodman opened the seminar with President Biden´s words from his March 21 statement: “Make no mistake, we are witnessing unprecedented times. We have never faced the aspects of war that we do today – where attacks can be executed at lightning speed from anywhere in the world.”

Jesper Bork Olsen, Palo Alto Networks Chief Security Officer and a former member of The Danish Defense IT Agency (FKIT) and a Danish representative at the NATO C3 Agency, gave a keynote presentation presenting global trends in cybersecurity attacks and protection. Both Covid and the war in Ukraine have triggered an increase in the number and intensity of cybersecurity attacks. The seminar highlighted smart solutions for the best cybersecurity protection.