Current Trends in Czech and U.S. Healthcare Discussed at FedEx Healthcare Seminar

Ambassador Andrew Schapiro opens the seminar.

Commercial Service Prague worked with FedEx Healthcare to launch a sixth joint seminar on healthcare on November 7, 2014. The seminar focused on current trends in Czech and U.S. healthcare. Presenters included Deputy Minister of Health Josef Vymazal, Director of Jihlava Hospital Lukas Velev, FedEx Healthcare Global Sales Manager Toby Hay, and Matej Lejsal, Director of Sue Ryder Home.  Ambassador Andrew Schapiro opened the seminar.

“Reform of the medical post-graduate educational system; creation of a new, modern national health information data collection agency; efficient administration of organizations managed by the Ministry of Health; a long-term, palliative care and home care strategy; and support of medical tourism and medical exports to the EU and outside the EU” were the main goals for the Czech Republic highlighted by Deputy Minister Vymazal.

Toby Hay noted that R&D and new products in health care create requirements for more specialized shipments.