CR & USA Cooperate in the Field of Research and Innovation

The Economic Officer Ariel Jahner took part in a tour of ICRC Brno with GE Healthcare to discuss opportunities for joint Czech-U.S. R&D cooperation. “The Czech Republic and the United States both have a long history of R&D and innovation. So, it is natural that many Czech universities and research centers work with U.S. counterparts to collaborate on new medical advancements to improve treatments and save lives.  ICRC Brno stands out in particular as it not only cooperates with U.S. hospitals and universities, but also with U.S. manufacturers shaping the future of healthcare innovation,” said Ariel Jahner.

The International Clinical Research Center of St. Annes University Hospital Brno is a multidisciplinary center of excellence in transnational medical research.  ICRC Brno aims to improve health care and quality of life by linking clinical care, research and development, education, and cooperation with the industrial sector.

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, GE Healthcare is a global leader providing medical technologies, digital infrastructure, data analytics, and decision support tools that help healthcare professionals diagnose, treat,and monitor their patients.