Recruitment Services (SNAP)

Connecting diplomatic spouses with companies requiring professional skills

Are you looking for qualified staff?

Do you find it difficult to attract the ideal candidate?

Would you like to hire professionals with international experience?

The Challenges:

Organizations looking for qualified employees often face:

  • Difficulty in finding qualified individuals
  • High expenses in recruiting staff from overseas

Such challenges can make your finding the ideal candidate both frustrating and prolonged. Consider the American Embassy’s SNAP program as another resource when you are recruiting! SNAP is designed to connect businesses with diplomatic spouses looking to continue their careers in the Czech Republic.

Why consider a SNAP client?

Because they are:

  • SKILLED PROFESSIONALS: They are highly qualified in their fields of expertise.
  • FLEXIBLE: They are available to work full-time, part time or project work.
  • NOT REQUIRED TO HAVE WORK PERMITS: Under the U.S. -Czech Republic bi-lateral work agreement (diplomatic spouses), they eliminate the need to get a work permit.
  • INTERNATIONALLY EXPERIENCED: Having typically worked in the US and in many other locations around the world, they have international experience.

If you would like to become a SNAP Networking Partner, we would be happy to place free advertisements in our Embassy publication for specific positions you are looking to fill. The American Embassy’s Local Employment Advisor screens all responses. Appropriate CVs are sent to you for your considerations.

The First Step:

Contact: Didem Lenz, SNAP Local Employment Advisor
Embassy of the United States of America
Tel.      + (420) 257 530 663, ext. 2735
Mobile: + (420) 606 781 466,  e-mail: