Breast Cancer 2030: Post-Covid Challenges for the Oncology Flagship

On October 5, the U.S. Embassy celebrated Breast Cancer Awareness Month by organizing a seminar “Breast Cancer 2030: Post-Covid Challenges for the Oncology Flagship”. The seminar attracted the very top Czech oncology opinion leaders. The panel discussion was prepared in cooperation with the Medical Tribune and featured Adam Vojtěch, Minister of Health of the Czech Republic; Zdeněk Kabátek, Director of VZP ČR; Ladislav Friedrich, President of SZP ČR; Jana Prausová, Chairwoman of the Czech Society for Oncology; Katarína Petráková, Masaryk Institute of Oncology Brno; Jindřich Fínek, University Hospital Pilsen; and Lucia Veverková, University Hospital Olomouc.

Chargé d´Affaires Jennifer Bachus highlighted the importance of early diagnostics and prevention: „We as the Embassy actively engage in healthcare issues and although Covid is on everyone’s minds; it is extremely important to continue discussing topics surrounding prevention, detection and treatment options, particularly for Breast Cancer. Early detection and access to innovative therapies can be the key to a cure for many patients”.