Be part of the U.S. Ambassador’s Youth Council!

What is the Council?  A group of English-speaking Czech young adults (ages 18-30) who advise the U.S. Ambassador and the U.S. Embassy on how to more effectively engage with Czech youth, and who work collaboratively on projects to improve their communities and build U.S.-Czech relations.

What are the benefits?  Youth Council members meet one on one with the U.S. Ambassador and other key Embassy policy leaders, getting both direct access and insight to the U.S. foreign policy process.  Members have the opportunity to help shape and guide Embassy outreach and programs, and can take advantage of membership in the Council to develop grants application and project management experience.

What’s required?  Youth Council members meet monthly in Prague with either the U.S. Ambassador or Embassy staff, and work collaboratively on projects and programs to develop U.S.-Czech relations, requiring a commitment of several hours per week in Prague.  Members make at least a one-year commitment to serve on the Council.

How do I apply?  Applicants should answer the following questions either in text format or via video, and email their answers to by 11:59pm on Sunday, March 17.

  1. Describe in detail a time that you worked to improve your school, university or community. 
  2. What makes the United States interesting?
  3. Why do personal freedoms – such as speech, the press, religion, assembly – matter?
  4. Why does the Youth Council interest you, and why are you a good fit? 
  5. Are you willing and able to commit several hours per week in Prague for at least one year to the Council? 

The Youth Council actively seeks a diversity of voices, with members welcome regardless of sex, ethnicity, disability, religion, national origin, political preferences, income level, sexual orientation or gender identity.