American Quarter Horse Baby Boom in the Czech Republic

The U.S. Department of Agriculture Quality Samples Program (QSP) enables potential customers around the world to discover the quality and benefits of U.S. agricultural products.  Thanks to a 2019 QSP grant to the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA), 19 foals with U.S. genes were born on Czech ranches between 2020 and 2021, with the first six foals born last summer.

In 2021, Czech breeders  saw a “Quarter Horse baby boom” with 13 foals sired by stallions from Texas’ famous 6666 Ranch.  As a result, the top-quality genes of these stallions will be present in all future generations of Czech quarter horses.  Besides enhancing the breed’s genetic diversity, the first-class biological material also promotes different coat colors like Chestnut, Sorrel, Bay Roan, Buckskin, or Gray. The name of this fast and well-muscled horse is derived from its ability to outrun other breeds in a quarter mile race, a popular activity during the colonial period in America. Later, the breed’s value was recognized by ranchers and it became as important to a successful ranch operation as water and grass.