Ambassador and His Wife Host Iftar Dinner

Traditional dates and yogurt to break the fast for Iftar dinner at the U.S. Ambassadors' residence.

Ambassador Andrew Schapiro and his wife Tamar Newberger hosted an Iftar dinner at the Ambassador’s Residence on the evening of June 20th to recognize and celebrate Ramadan, a time which is sacred to more than a billion Muslims all around the world. Ramadan is designed to bring self-purification through self-restraint and good deeds. Acts of charity and compassion for those less fortunate – including sharing of a meal – are encouraged during Ramadan.

Approximately 40 people from the Muslim community in the Czech Republic, from diplomatic missions, and from Nongovernmental organizations attended the Iftar. The U.S. Embassy in Prague decided to host an Iftar in order to show respect for religious practices and to deepen its ties with the Muslim community in the Czech Republic

The Ambassador noted that the Quran instructs us to tread lightly on this Earth, to respect all people, and, when confronted by ignorance, to reply in peace. He pointed out that those values are universal.

Iftar Dinner