Ambassador Schapiro’s Visit to Pardubice

Ambassador Andrew Schapiro gets the traditional Pardubice gingerbread from Mayor Martin Charvát at the historical Town Hall of Pardubice on September 8, 2018. (photo U.S. Embassy Prague)

Ambassador Andrew Schapiro visited Pardubice on September 8, 2015. The program included a guided tour of the Green Gate (located in the historic center of the town and connected to a high tower standing at 60 meters), a discussion with Mayor Martin Charvát and his deputies at the historical Town Hall, a tour of the grand Pardubice Steeplechase racetrack, and a visit to a Jewish Cemetery, where Ambassador Schapiro paid homage to the Pardubice Jews who died in the Holocaust.

After a working lunch with regional and municipality leaders, Ambassador Schapiro also met with groups of disabled people at the Kosatec Center, run by the Czech Abilympics Association. The Kosatec Center offers a variety of services, workshops, and programs, which help people with a range of physical and mental disabilities.

The visit concluded with a tour of the Pardubice Chateau and a visit to the East Bohemian Art Gallery and Museum, which is known for its exceptional Renaissance wall paintings.