Ambassador Schapiro’s Statement of April 5, 2015

As I said on Czech television, in response to a question, it is not for me to tell the President where he should go, and I understand the desire to honor all who sacrificed in World War II, but I think it would be unfortunate for President Zeman to be there as perhaps the only EU head of state, watching a military parade, at a time when Russian troops are destabilizing a neighbor in violation of international law.

I regret that President Zeman was offended by that; as someone who claims to value blunt talk, I would have expected him to appreciate my candor. I value a good working relationship with everyone, and I want him to know that my door will be open to him‎. I also want the Czech people to know that the United States government, and the people of America, value our relationship as partners and allies more than ever.