Ambassador Schapiro Visits the Brno Mosque To Express Support for the Muslim Community

Velvyslanec USA v CR Andrew H. Schapiro se setkal s předsedou Islámské nadace v Brně panem Muneeb Alrawim.

U.S. Ambassador Andrew H. Schapiro met with Muneeb Al Rawi, Head of the Islamic Foundation of Brno, to express U.S. support and solidarity for the Muslim community here and around the world. The two discussed the importance of tolerance, inclusiveness, and building bridges of mutual understanding among faith communities.

Ambassador Schapiro said “”I received a warm welcome at the Brno Mosque, which has been an important part of its community for more than a decade.  At times like these it is important to do all we can to defeat prejudice and to support all who seek peace and goodwill.”