Ambassador Schapiro Visits Prostějov

Ambassador Andrew Schapiro watches a chemical experiment at the combined Elementary and High School in Prostějov on June 11, 2015. (photo Lukáš Andrýsek)

Ambassador Andrew Schapiro visited the combined Elementary and High School in Prostějov which is currently hosting a young American English Teaching Assistant Trishia Mudd.

He visited at the invitation of Headmaster Rostislav Halaš, who was one of several Czech representatives in a Fulbright exchange for school administrators several years ago. Under his leadership, and thanks to the consistent support of math and physics at the school, the Prostějov students have been exceptionally successful in various science contests.

Ambassador Schapiro met with a group of elementary school students and their American teacher, and also spoke with a group of students who are preparing for the ‘maturita’ exam. They talked about their future careers, interests and plans. During a tour of the school, chemistry students showed off several engaging chemical experiments.