Ambassador For a Day Program Raises Awareness of Climate Change

On Wednesday July 14, the Embassies of Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States organized a full-day program for three young Czech women focused on climate change and the important role women play in addressing climate change related challenges. Each of the three women shadowed “her” Ambassador for a full day and observed how senior diplomats work and how the Czech Republic and the three countries deal with climate change in their domestic and international policies.

The three “Ambassadors for a Day” won a “Women & Climate” essay competition launched by the three embassies on March 8, 2021 to mark International Women’s Day. A joint committee selected their essays on the topic: “If you could represent the Czech Republic at COP26, what goals would you push for to achieve meaningful progress on climate change?”.

The “Ambassador for a Day” program included meetings with senior Czech government officials, Czech NGO representatives, and an event co-organized with the Association for International Affairs to discuss climate change and the engagement of youth and women.

You can read “U.S. Ambassador for a Day” Emma Letham’s essay here.