Statement by the U.S. Embassy on the 26th Anniversary of the Velvet Revolution

A young man holds Czechoslovak flag at the Wenceslas Square where gathered thousands of people in November 1989. Photo: David Turnley/CORBIS
Prague, November 17, 2015

Today, we remember the men and women who rose up 26 years ago peacefully to demand their freedom during the Velvet Revolution. United by their common desire for liberty, they joined thousands across Central and Eastern Europe who yearned for a better life for themselves and for their children.

The American people were inspired by the Velvet Revolution, as the shackles of communism were broken and the Iron Curtain fell. We watched with admiration as non-violent protests overcame a system of tyranny and oppression. We drew strength from the courage of the Czech people, who today are a strong NATO Ally and EU partner committed to building a peaceful and prosperous world.

We salute the bravery and spirit of those who poured into the streets of Prague and other cities a quarter century ago to demand a free and better life. And we congratulate the people of the Czech Republic on 26 years of freedom and democratic governance.

Los Angeles Times Front Page of November 25, 1989.
Los Angeles Times Front Page of November 25, 1989.